Yesterday at Thrive I shared a HUGE problem our church has…and they clapped!

Thrive Church is 95 weeks old! I love typing those words and I hope I will always count our age in weeks!

My goodness, it feels a lot longer than that, but it also seems like yesterday we were launching this brand new church!

It’s been both a terribly fantastic and incredible 95 weeks and it has been a ridiculously hard and uphill struggle to get to where we are at currently. But, even though we’re not quite 2 years old yet, we have a problem. And, it’s a big one.

Thrive has a HUGE problem

Well, it’s more of an awesome opportunity, but it is a problem and yesterday during our morning gathering at Thrive I shared that problem.


People Clapped! 

It’s not often an entire church claps for a huge problem, but we celebrated it!

And, it boils down to a problem of space. See, in our short 95 weeks, our church is growing. Not crazy-over night-ridiculous growth, but very steadily, we’re growing. What started as 8 people around a dining room in December of 2012 has grown to over 400 men, women and children. That means we’re running out of space at the movie theater we rent to host our Sunday morning experiences and that’s a problem.

Now, if you checked us out this upcoming Sunday, it wouldn’t seem like we’re totally out of space. There are empty seats in the theater that we hold our experiences. But, our kid environments are out of space and as the fall kicks back in, our lobby and hallways will be jammed packed.

So, we have a bit of a problem. We love the movie theater we rent. They’re incredible. We don’t want to move…ever. But, if we want to provide the very best environments for kids and reach the maximum amount of people we can, we have to find somewhere new.

We called the High School and they turned us DOWN. 

Seriously, we called and submitted a proposal to rent our local high school and they turned us down twice! It would be an absolutely perfect space for our church and we felt we would be great tenants. And, it would be a financial boost to the Mt Pleasant School District. But, because its weekly, they felt they couldn’t give us the space.

Ok, that stinks, but we’re going to keep serving our local schools and maybe prayerfully they’ll reconsider.


We’re going to keep looking.

We’re going to keep searching.

We’re going to keep praying.

We’re going to do everything short of sin to reach people that no one else is reaching.

I would be honored if you would pray for our Church and pray that God provides the very best location possible.


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