What an EXCITING Sunday ahead at Thrive!!!

Yes, if you know me or read anything I write about my Church, I am often EXCITED! It's pure. It's real. It's authentic. I am EXCITED about what God is doing at my Church. I am in AWE of how HE is moving. I am HUMBLED that I get to be a part. Today though,... Continue Reading →


Thrive is coming HOME this Sunday…

Wow, August has been an amazing month for Thrive Church!  And, this Sunday we're coming HOME.  Let me back up! August has been a little out of the ordinary for our Church. One of the principles we run Thrive on is this...'the less you do, the more effective you will be'. That's why we don't have... Continue Reading →

Thrive left the building yesterday and we just simply loved on Schools!

Yesterday was just awesome! Actually, I'm still overwhelmed by it! Thrive Church took a Sunday off from our normal worship experiences and decided to serve 6 schools and a local ministry...Hopewell Ranch. Seriously, we left the building!  Let me be very honest, this was a tough decision. This was our second week in a row where we... Continue Reading →

A real life Thrive Church MVP…Happy ONE year work anniversary Sarah!!

This past Tuesday was Sarah Burkhart's 1 year work anniversary as a staff member at Thrive Church!  CONGRATS SARAH! Here's the deal. I've worked with a lot of great people over my 20 years of serving at local churches and I can whole-heartedly say without any hesitation, SARAH is one of the BEST! Thrive Church is... Continue Reading →

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