Why I love my Church so much!

I love my Church! That’s probably pretty clear if you follow me on social media or  spend any time around me. I just really love my church. In fact, I really love the LOCAL CHURCH! I believe to my core that because of Jesus, it is the hope of the world!

Why I do love it so much? Because I get see miracles! 

Well, not too long ago, I was having a conversation with someone about my church, the church and God. In kind of an abrupt way they told me that miracles don’t happen anymore and so why be a christian…why be a part of a church!?!

I was dumbfounded and blown away! I told them that I see miracles all the time! They argued with me and again said that miracles don’t happen.

Are you freaking kidding me?

In Thrive’s 95 week existence, I’ve seen miracles of all shapes and sizes. I’ve seen men trust in Jesus who once hated God. I’ve seen marriages healed. I’ve seen relationships fixed. I’ve seen dozens and dozens of people baptized. I’ve seen a tiny little church start to grow so rapidly that we’re outgrowing our space. I’ve seen dads come to church who promised their kids they would NEVER come to Church.

Miracles. Big ones, small ones. 

I actually got this super encouraging text yesterday and I just loved it…

I just wanted to say thank you! No really, THANK YOU! Last Sunday marked my one year since I have been at Thrive. This Sunday marks my husbands one year. 1 of my children made the choice to have a relationship with Christ. 2 have been Baptized. 1 of the teens they bring to church was Baptized too. And we have a bazillion more Sunday’s to go!

I KNOW that GOD is moving at our Church and it’s an honor to be around a church where miracles happen.

AND…this FALL! Holy COW! This fall is going to be an amazing season of ministry for our CHURCH!

  • I believe people will come to know Jesus.
  • I believe people will experience Life Change.
  • I believe people will give up addictions.
  • I believe people will let go of sins that have been holding them back.
  • I believe people will see family members lives changed.
  • I believe people will be baptized!
  • I believe our time of worship will be so powerful!
  • I believe we will outgrow the theater!
  • I believe we’ll have so many people in Small Groups that we won’t know what to do!
  • I believe ONE YOUTH is going to outgrow the HUB.
  • I believe God will use Thrive Church to ROCK Central MICHIGAN!

I just can’t wait! It beings this Sunday with the start of our new series called ‘I love my Church’. I hope you will join us at Celebration Cinema at either 9 or 1015!

See you on Sunday and get ready to some miracles!

I love my Church!


6 Reasons August is going to be a Ridiculously Amazing month for Thrive Church!

I could not be more EXCITED ABOUT THE MONTH OF AUGUST! I have been waiting, and waiting and waiting. And, it’s almost here! Why?

Because August is going to be an awesome month for Thrive Church

# 1…Our new series is called… ‘I love my Church’! It’s funny how some people react to that statement. Sometimes they look at you weird, like its strange to love your church. Yet, people love i love my churchsports teams and TV shows and a full array of things. Well, in this series we will talk about why we should love our church and when we do, we actually create an environment for people to be welcomed, accepted and loved!

# 2…31 Day Prayer Walk. Maybe you’ve picked this up at Thrive, but we love to Pray! We believe in the power of prayer and we’re asking EVERY THRIVER to commit to praying for our Church every day in the month of August. If you’re like me, I walk and pray! So, please join us. There will be a prayer schedule on facebook and we’ll email it as well.

# 3…Baptism and BBQ. My hope and prayer is that EVERYONE who calls THRIVE their home will be at this AMAZINGLY AWESOME SUNDAY on August 16th. Both worship experiences will be combined under one giant tent, we will Celebrate and Cheer our fellow Thrivers taking the step of BAPTISM in the lake, we will debut our new I LOVE MY CHURCH T-Shirts, we will have a giant POT LUCK, and we will party! (Giant inflatable events, great music, great food, swimming and Kan Jam!)

# 4…What’s so important about the Gospel? We have a very special opportunity to hear and learn from Dr. Tom Rundel on Wednesday night, August 19th from 7pm-830pm at the Hub. We will have a special time of worship and then Dr. Rundel will teach about the importance of the Gospel and why every follower of Jesus should know the Gospel. Don’t miss this night!

# 5…THE CHURCH has LEFT the BUILDING! On Sunday, August 23rd we are doing just that! No Joke! We’re all going to meet at the theater at 9am, get instructions and then we’re going to BLESS, and SERVE, and TAKE CARE OF our Community! We believe SAVED PEOPLE SERVE PEOPLE, so we’re going to do just that all around Mt Pleasant! Be watching your email for more instructions, but get ready!

# 6…Volunteer Kick off and Training. We believe every Thriver should SERVE at one experience and ATTEND at one experience. If you’re a current volunteer or would like to get plugged into a team, come to the Volunteer Kick Off on August 26th from 645pm-830pm at the Hub! Sorry, there won’t be any childcare available, but we will feed you!

I so you will join us and make a commitment to be a part of what is happening at Thrive!