Months of planning, preparing and praying…and its here.

Well, Dad Fest is almost here. Actually, by this time tomorrow, Dad Fest will long done and over.

We’ve been planning, preparing and praying for Dad Fest since before Christmas. We picked the date and wrote the strategic plan and then a few months went by and then bam, it’s here!

I’m excited. I’m also a tad bit anxious.

To be completely honest, it’s been a rough week. I really believe whole heartedly that satan has been attacking in every way he possibly can. It’s been a tough week for me physically and I’ve noticed that there are a few relational strains creeping in as well. This is typical for the week before or after a big event.

Why Dad Fest? Someone asked me this week why we’re hosting Dad Fest. To be the answer is simple…it’s a tremendously awesome way to reach people who would normally say no to an invite to Church. So, even though it’s a lot of work and takes tons of people all working together, it’s so worth it.

But, its amazing how even the little things can discourage me the week before a big Sunday. When some plans fall through, or the weather may not cooperate or when I heard some key thrivers won’t be at Dad Fest, yeah, it’s easy to be discouraged.

But, it’s also extremely easy to be ENCOURAGED! I have heard dozens of stories from Thrivers this week who have been inviting friends and family. There is family coming from hours away. There are dad’s coming to church who haven’t been to church in 20 years.

It’s going to be an awesome day.

So, would you pray? Would you pray for our day at Thrive Church? Would you pray for the Gospel to be clearly preached? Would you pray for people to respond? Would you pray for the rain to hold?

Tomorrow is Dad Fest. I can’t wait! Please God, move powerfully!

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