Today we start a brand new series at Thrive called…Man Card! Yes, we are going right to the heart of what makes a man a man! And, in case you’re wondering, we’re going to have a little fun with this! That’s probably not a shocker, though! But, fun is a part of our DNA at Thrive.

But, we’re going to talk about what God says make a man a man and we will even be passing out Man Cards during this series.

Actually, don’t miss Dad Fest next week! That’s when the Man Card’s will be passed out!

So, grab your man, your dad, your uncle or your grandpa and all the dudes you know and get them to Thrive today.

Remind them to dress in whatever their comfortable in and be a few minutes early!

You DO NOT want to miss the opening song this morning! See you soon!

man card

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