Sunday’s are Overwhelming to me…in the absolute best way possible!

I love Sunday’s!

I really do! I can’t wait for Sunday’s. I purposely go to sleep early on Saturday’s so I’m ready for Sunday’s. Pretty much every time the alarm goes off at 5am on Sunday’s, I hop up! Now, it hasn’t always been this way. In my 20 years of serving and working at churches, there were some descent stretches that I wasn’t all that fond of Sunday’s. Honestly, at the more traditional or contemporary churches, I really struggled. I’ll blog about that more later. And, to take it to another degree of honesty, the churches that I served at where I needed to dress up, it was even worse! Hah!

I love Sunday’s…they’re just simply overwhelming

There is always this moment on Sunday’s that I just get so overwhelmed! It takes an amazing amount of people serving to pull off Sunday’s for Thrive! It takes people who are committed to tithing (giving 10% of your income to God through the Church) to accomplish our mission. It takes an amazing amount of adults to love kids. It takes people hauling trailers, folding programs, setting up banners, making volunteers breakfast, counting the offering, learning the songs, mixing the band, greeting at the doors, pushing portable cases, liking stuff on Facebook, picking up the coffee, checking in kids to Thrive kidz, showing up consistently, inviting friends and family and praying and encouraging!

We do all this to Help people Find and Follow Jesus. 

Yesterday at Thrive was one of those special Sunday’s! The worship was out of this world awesome! I loved the creativity of the videos. I loved the camping set up in the lobby! Thrive Kidz was so fun and awesome! Actually, a brand new family told me in the green room that their kids LOVED Thrive Kidz!! That’s a HUGE win and just awesome!

We just about sold out of the first round of  the new Thrive T-Shirts!

And the best part ever…

1 person trusted in Jesus as their Savior. 

4 people recommitted their lives to Him!

I love my Church! I love the honor of being Thrive’s pastor. I love our Thrive staff team. I love our volunteer team. I just it!

If you’re looking for a Church home, I hope you will consider checking out Thrive this Sunday!


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