Mother’s Day at Thrive…I CANT WAIT!

Tomorrow is Mothers Day! momsrock

Tomorrow is also Sunday!

That means we get to honor and celebrate and cheer for Moms at Thrive!

It’s going to be just awesome and I can’t wait!

Every Sunday at Thrive is a BIG deal!

There are no Sunday’s that we plan a little lighter or go easy on the creativity because we’re expecting less people to show up.

Nope. We give it our best, each and every Sunday. Honestly, let me let you in on an inside secret. We want to plan and prepare and pray so well, that when people do miss, they’re bummed they will be missing Thrive. And, we purposely don’t share the whole plan for some Sunday’s so people surprised.

It’s really important to us to do things with excellence, things are Jesus focused, bathed in prayer and done really well.

BUT…there are 6-7 Sunday’s a year that we go a little above and beyond our normal planning. Why? Because those Sunday’s people who are completely done with Church are a little more likely to say yes to an invite. So, for…

Superbowl Sunday, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Outdoor Baptism and BBQ, Anniversary Sunday and Christmas. 

We really pull out all the stops. We have an events team that plans special events to make those days are even more special and we do all of that to help people find and follow Jesus. That’s it. There is no other reason.

So, tomorrow at Thrive will be special! We’re honoring Moms and Future Moms. And that includes Aunts, Grandma’s, Step Moms and Mom like figures.

We have a few things happening tomorrow at Thrive that we’ve never done and I couldn’t be more excited! Again, all of it is to help people find and follow Jesus. And, in the process, we’re really going to BLESS Moms!

If you’re looking for a Church home, bring your mom and head to Celebration Cinema at 9 or 1015. I HIGHLY suggest getting there 15-20 minutes early!!

See you tomorrow!


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