One of the Absolute BEST…It’s Matt’s ONE year work anniversary w/Thrive Church

In 20 years of serving-working at Churches, I don’t think I’ve ever known or served with anyone like Matt Moore. Now, I’ve served at a lot great churches and with a lot of amazing leaders and servants! I have been at small churches and mega Churches.

But honestly, barely any of them hold a candle to Matt Moore. Simply put…

He is one of the Absolute BEST! IMG_4854

Today is his 1 year work anniversary at Thrive Church!

First of all, that’s just crazy! I can’t believe Thrive is now 82 weeks old and already we have a staff member celebrating their 1 year work anniversary. That’s just humbling and a huge blessing!

When I started Thrive Church, I knew from the beginning that we would need someone who could lead kick butt bands. Thrive loves worship and we love it LOUD. So, I knew whoever was going to lead our bands would need to be an incredible musician, but also, an incredible servant and leader.

Yeah, that’s a tall order! I know a ton of incredible musicians, but honestly, the servant leader aspect was missing from them.

I also knew Thrive would need someone who would embrace our vision to create a church that unchurched people would find irresistible. A church that is really simple, fun and real. Honestly, a Church that’s not all that churchy.

Well, God sent Matt Moore!

We got together one night at Starbucks, through the pushing of a mutual friend (thanks Colette) and there was an instant connection. No joke! We were suppose to meet an hour and that turned into almost 4 hours. We laughed, talked and dreamed about what this Church could look like and be.

And, since day one, Matt has been my partner at Thrive! He started out just leading the songs on Sunday and then he and his wife went through the Church Planters Assessment Center and then he interviewed to be our Creative/Worship Pastor and then we hired him!

He oversees the Sunday morning experience (all the creative elements and teams) and he leads with a humble, servants heart. Here’s the thing, I don’t even think he knows how freaking talented and amazing he is! He’s just not like that. Goodness, I wish I had a tenth of his heart. He truly is one of the best.

He would give you the shirt off his back. He has traveled the country playing music so he could love people and point them to Jesus. He drives an old beat up van so he can give more to God and to help others. He’s so emphatic and truly cares for people.

He loves Jesus passionately. Loves his family. And, Loves his Church.

Now, can you see why he is one of the…

Absolute BEST! 

Today is his 1 year work anniversary. I wish our church budget could handle writing him a bonus check. Someday we will! Our church would not be the same without him and we are so blessed to have him!

Come this Sunday to Thrive and see for yourself. Stop by the Hub and grab a coffee with him.

And oh, shoot him an email ( and thank him for serving so well!

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