Ever wonder if anything good can come from your failure?

Today we finish our #FAIL series at Thrive Churchfail

I have loved this series! Like…absolutely LOVED this series!

Talking about failure is one of my passion areas!

In week one we looked at how our worst days don’t define us.

Week two was learning that God’s grace is bigger than our biggest failures.

And today, well today is the big daddy!

Can BEAUTY can from PAIN? 

Yeah, that’s a tough one. But, believe it or not, God has something pretty amazing for you even in the midst of pain.

So, come to Thrive Church today. Head to Celebration Cinema at either 9 or 1015 and let’s finish this series together!!


DAD FEST is COMING to Thrive Church and we need your help!

DAD FEST is coming to Thrive Church! Actually…it’s almost here!

It’s on Sunday June 14th and it’s after each Sunday morning experience. There is a special DAD TENT (Yes, there is some SUPER COOL STUFF in the DAD TENT), Inflatables for kids and students, a Giant Football Competition area (Thanks to Eagle Village and Victims to Victors), Dunk Tank, a Live Band, FREE FOOD, Cool Cars and a ton of other fun!


Here are photo’s from last year’s Dad Fest!!! This year, we’re taking it to a whole new level! Why? Why are we doing this? Investing the time, energy and finances into this event?

Here’s why…to get more men to be a part of Church. To give men a chance to fall in love with Jesus. To encourage Dad’s to be the spiritual leaders in their house holds.

And, to reach as many people as possible!! Actually, I’m praying that this will be our largest attended Sunday to date!

How you can be a part of Dad Fest 2015

1. Pray for Dad Fest! Pray that God would send men! Men that would never step foot into a Church! Men who desperately need Jesus. Pray that men, women and children would respond to the Gospel. Pray that the weather would be amazing! Pray that our parking lot would be stuffed! Pray that the extra stuff we’re looking for would be donated.

2. Be at Dad FEST! Be there. Make it a priority!

3. Serve at Dad FEST! We need a completely other team to set up, run and tear down DAD FEST. If you can help, email Sarah.burkhart@thrivechurchmi.cc.

4. Invite and Bring EVERYONE you know! This Sunday you will be given little invite cards, pass them out. On Wednesday, June 11th at noon, be a part of the DAD FEST Facebook flash mob! Message people. Call them. Invite them. Email them.

5. Donate. Thrive is only 84 weeks old and hosting events like these cost a lot of money. It’s well worth it because we’re able to reach exponentially more people than a normal Sunday, but help donating stuff would be awesome. Here’s what we need:

  • Cans of Pop.
  • Cases of Water.
  • Bags of little chips.
  • Paper products (Plates, cups, napkins).
  • Sponsor an Inflatable. It’s about 300 per inflatable and we would like to have 3.

If you can help, email Sarah.burkhart@thrivechurchmi.cc.

It’s coming! Get ready!!

dad fest



Sunday’s are Overwhelming to me…in the absolute best way possible!

I love Sunday’s!

I really do! I can’t wait for Sunday’s. I purposely go to sleep early on Saturday’s so I’m ready for Sunday’s. Pretty much every time the alarm goes off at 5am on Sunday’s, I hop up! Now, it hasn’t always been this way. In my 20 years of serving and working at churches, there were some descent stretches that I wasn’t all that fond of Sunday’s. Honestly, at the more traditional or contemporary churches, I really struggled. I’ll blog about that more later. And, to take it to another degree of honesty, the churches that I served at where I needed to dress up, it was even worse! Hah!

I love Sunday’s…they’re just simply overwhelming

There is always this moment on Sunday’s that I just get so overwhelmed! It takes an amazing amount of people serving to pull off Sunday’s for Thrive! It takes people who are committed to tithing (giving 10% of your income to God through the Church) to accomplish our mission. It takes an amazing amount of adults to love kids. It takes people hauling trailers, folding programs, setting up banners, making volunteers breakfast, counting the offering, learning the songs, mixing the band, greeting at the doors, pushing portable cases, liking stuff on Facebook, picking up the coffee, checking in kids to Thrive kidz, showing up consistently, inviting friends and family and praying and encouraging!

We do all this to Help people Find and Follow Jesus. 

Yesterday at Thrive was one of those special Sunday’s! The worship was out of this world awesome! I loved the creativity of the videos. I loved the camping set up in the lobby! Thrive Kidz was so fun and awesome! Actually, a brand new family told me in the green room that their kids LOVED Thrive Kidz!! That’s a HUGE win and just awesome!

We just about sold out of the first round of  the new Thrive T-Shirts!

And the best part ever…

1 person trusted in Jesus as their Savior. 

4 people recommitted their lives to Him!

I love my Church! I love the honor of being Thrive’s pastor. I love our Thrive staff team. I love our volunteer team. I just it!

If you’re looking for a Church home, I hope you will consider checking out Thrive this Sunday!


A NEW day for Thrive…We hired a NEXT Gen Pastor!!

I am beyond EXCITED to announce that Thrive Church has hired a Next Gen Pastor! His name is Craig Torgerson and he’ll be starting this summer. He’s currently a youth pastor in TN and is working hard at transitioning, selling a house, getting packed and then moving up to MI. IMG_5127

It’s really a new day for Thrive and I couldn’t be proud!! 

The reality is, it’s time to hire a Next Gen Pastor. We’ve known this for many months, but God made it abundantly clear last fall.

Over the last year…

  • Thrive’s Sunday attendance has grown by 102%
  • Thrive Kidz has grown by 55%
  • One Youth has grown by 237%.

It’s time! And, we say all the time at Thrive that we never want to give our kids and students the scraps, so we’re ready to have a Next Gen Pastor on staff.

Craig will provide directional leadership to the Thrive Kidz team, he will lead One Youth and help families be God’s plan A for raising their kids. Craig grew up in Central MI and he and his wife Claire met at Central Michigan University. Together they have 3 kids under 3! Wow!

Craig and Claire went through the Church Planters Assessment Center and did great! A few weeks ago he finished up his interviews with our Church and we offered him the job and he accepted!

I’ve been praying for the day that we could add a Next Gen Pastor even before we started as a Church! It’s been a regular part of my Saturday morning prayer walks forever and I’m just humbled that God answered our prayers.

Like ever other full time staff member at Thrive, Craig will be raising part of his salary. Since we’re a church plant, our full time staff members have committed to helping raise half of their salary for their first two years. The reality is, a our church size should be able to handle three full time Pastors on our budget, but our giving is just not there quite yet. Our monthly giving has grown 69% over the last year, but our numerical growth has far outpaced that. Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 5.13.31 PM

If you would like to help us raise additional funds, you can give here. Our goal is to raise $24,000 by July 1st. When you head to the link, you can either give to Thrive’s General Fund or directly to the Craig Torgerson Support Fund. All gifts are tax deductible.

Thanks for considering and thanks for giving! Without your financial gifts, Thrive Church just wouldn’t exist!

Please be praying for our Church as we transition into having a new staff member! Please pray for Craig’s ministry and for the Torgerson family!


Can’t wait to share a HUGE Announcement and start our #Fail series @Thrive today!

I am BEYOND excited!

I am BEYOND thrilled!

I am BEYOND humbled!

Yes, I have been waiting for May 17th to come forever! Ok, not forever, but awhile!

It’s been hard to be patient. It’s been hard to wait. But, the 17th is here and I’m ready!

Ready for What?

ONE…I have a HUGE announcement to make.

And, what I’m going to announce has been take a year of praying. A year of seeking God and egging Him. A year of prayer walks. A year of conversations. A year of dreaming. A year of being on our knees.

But, the time is here and I’m ready to announce it! I can’t wait! And, I am beyond excited!

I am so humbled that I get to announce this news when Thrive Church is only 83 weeks old!

TWO…We start the #Fail series! fail

I have been waiting for this series since last June when we started writing it! Failure and success is something that EVERY single person deals with and we’re going to dive into God’s Word to see what He has to say about how to respond when life disappoints us!

So, whether a relationship has failed, you got fired from a job, you received terrible news, something you’ve been working on bombed or when life has just beat you down. This series is for you!

Don’t miss a week of it! It’s 3 weeks and like always, head to Celebration Cinema at 9 or 1015!

See you this morning at Thrive Church!