Exponential Conference…The Highlights…Day One…

For the second year in a row, I'm down at the Exponential Conference and its just awesome! My soul is being refreshed and I'm more excited than ever about what God is doing in my local church and the capital 'C' Church! If you're interested in church planting or wondering if God's called you to plant... Continue Reading →


The time my 12 year old was ticked about baseball

I love baseball. I love that my boys love baseball.  I have played catch with them since before they were walking. Every trip we have ever gone on, we always bring our gloves and play catch. We're always throwing something. Always hitting something. Honestly, as they've gotten older, it's so fun! We throw harder...they dive...it's... Continue Reading →

Tomorrow is a Significant Day for Thrive Church and I can’t wait!

Ok, every Sunday is a Significant day at Thrive Church!  AND...every Sunday is a Significant for every local Church! They're all important! It's the day that we get the privilege and blessing to gather together as a body. Because at least for Thrive, Sunday is just a tiny moment of the week and our goal... Continue Reading →

What if you actually believed God loved you? Find out what could change in your life at Thrive Church today

You're invited to Thrive Church! That's right, you are invited to Thrive Church today! Today is the day! There is plenty of time to decide to come. There's actually enough time to message/call/text a friend and bring them. We meet at Celebration Cinema at either 9 or 1015am. Be about 15 minutes early and head... Continue Reading →

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