What I learned from Thrive’s 1st full year (pt 2)

I’ve been leading Thrive Church for 75 weeks! It feels like I could blink and we just started, but it also feels like an eternity that our church has been going!  I’ve learned a ton and…

I love it! IMG_3595_2

It’s exciting! It’s fun! It’s a thrill ride! It’s an honor to get a front row view of God changing lives…including mine!

It’s also hard! I don’t think a one step of the way has been easy. It’s been Ridiculously HARD! Uphill. Honestly, it can be heart breaking. It has brought a new level of stress and worry into my life. It has also brought pain.


The good far outweighs the bad and I would willingly climb a mountain of the difficult to keep climbing towards the call that God has given me.

All in all, I know that I am called to lead and Pastor Thrive Church and I absolutely love it!

All that being said, I’ve been doing some thinking lately about what I learned in the first year of my church. Needless to say, I learned a ton.

I had to break this post down into a couple of posts because the list of what I’ve learned ended up being a little long. Here is part one of what I’ve learned so far.

What I’ve Learned from leading Thrive Church…Part Two

1. Vision drains fast! I’ve heard it said for years that vision leaks. I’ve learned first hand that it drains fast! Like, holy cow, it’s gone! I love Bill Hybel’s definition of vision…’a picture of the future that produces passion in people’. I love that and I hope the vision of Thrive Church does just that.

But, I have learned that vision does leak!  I’ve got to keep to talking about the vision, telling the story of our vision and get people who understand our vision to talk about our vision.

2. Clarity is HUGE. I believe the more strategic and more thought out our systems, plans and strategies can be, the better! As much as I can roll with the punches, I love to have a plan. We have a Strategic Plan for the entire year. We have a master calendar that’s broken down into quarters with the major initiatives and goals for those quarters.

There’s too much at stake to not have a well thought out plan.

3. Building teams is a must. Thrive Church would just not exist without teams. Especially as a portable church! And honestly, it’s just hard! We are in a constant state of recruiting and a constant state of worrying about burning out volunteers. We have an amazing team who is at Thrive every Sunday at 7am to set up and I’m always trying to build that team.

Thrive Church just cannot exist without a ton of people being a part of teams.

4. Nobody will be as excited as you. And, I am excited! Probably too excited for some, but again, I know vision leaks. But, I’ve got to make sure I don’t have unfair expectations for my team and everybody else. Yes, I hope they are excited and passionate about our vision, but I never want to force it down peoples throats.

5. The financial pressure-stress-worry-anxiety can be overwhelming! Yikes! This is the understatement of the year! And, especially because we’re a bit aggressive with our vision. That means, we plan 5-6 big Sunday’s a year and already as a church we’ve given away a good amount of money!! Especially since we’re only 75 weeks old!!

Trust in God

What I’ve learned about the whole process of church planting is that I have to keep trusting in God. I know it sounds simple, but it’s so profound. Every step of the way. Every decision that’s made. Every day-week-month-year…I just have to keep trusting in God.

Here’s what I know so far…He is blowing my mind and my heart! He’s creating so many ONLY GOD moments that its undeniable that He is moving in Thrive Church.

I am just honored and blessed to be the pastor of Thrive and I know the best is yet to come!

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