Done running from God? Check out Thrive Church this morning

Have you been running?

Any mention of God and you just take off the other way.

You don’t even know how long it’s been since the last time you thought about God.

You have just been running.

Maybe you were hurt. Maybe life hurt you and you blamed God. Maybe a church hurt you and you blamed God. Maybe you asked God for answers and you felt like He never gave you any.

Maybe you were once part of a Church and you gave everything you had and you ended up getting hurt.

Ever since then, you have just been running.

Running, running, running. do good one

And honestly, you’re getting tired of it. You’re tired of trying to do life on your own and you’re tired of feeling like God is nowhere to be found.

What if you gave Church one more try? 

What if you checked out Thrive Church this morning? You’ve heard about it. You’ve seen it on Facebook? You have friends who go to Thrive. You’ve looked at the pictures online.

What if you took this step? What if you turned the other way and stopped running from God?

Maybe, just maybe you would meet God this morning. Maybe, just maybe He would speak to you. Maybe, just maybe you would meet people that really wanted you to be a part of their Church.

Wouldn’t it be great to stop running?

So, check out Thrive Church this morning. We meet at Celebration Cinema, yup…the movie theater, at 9 or 1015.

And, here’s the thing to know about checking out Thrive. Don’t worry! Just come. Come as you are.

I would get there about 15 minutes early!

See you in a little bit.

Oh, we’re talking about how we have been called to change the world…it’s going to be fun!!


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