Newspring Leadership Intensive w/Perry Noble….day 2

I’m sitting in my hotel room in Atlanta and in a few hours I head home. I can’t wait! I know it’s cold at home. I know there’s snow. I know my schedule is just insane the next few months.


Being at Newspring Church this week and being poured into by their staff and pastor has been incredible.IMG_4393


Why has it been Incredible?

It’s filled my bucket!

It’s given me hope.

It’s given me fresh vision.

It’s challenged me. To make wiser decisions. To make harder decisions.

It’s taught me so much about leadership and leading a church.

It’s given me fresh ideas for Thrive.

It’s excited me for the future.

It’s inspired me.

What I learned from NewSpring

1. They are ridiculously focused on their vision. They just do not let a ton of extra things get in there and clog it up!

2. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE is bought in! Wow! It’s just awesome to talk with staff and then it’s incredible to talk with volunteers who are bought in!

3. They really care for people. You can’t walk 5 feet on that campus without someone asking you your name, where you’re from and if they can do anything for you. Just awesome.

4. They’re passionate about Jesus. This probably should be number one in my list, but it’s undeniable! Jesus is exalted. Jesus is praised. It’s all about Jesus.

5. The staff honors each other and their Pastor. I was sitting in a session yesterday and a guy behind me kept agreeing with Perry while he was teaching. I love that…first of all! I’m great with people being excited and adding to the teaching. But, a few times, he got louder and louder and he was just agreeing, saying things like…’that’s right’ and ‘so good’. So, I turned around and it was Brad Cooper, NewSpring’s family pastor! It kind of shocked me! I mean, I know Brad has heard all these things from Perry a million times. But, here he was engaged and listening and learning, like it was the first time.

That was awesome!

6. You’ve got to be hungry. I didn’t meet any staff member or hear anything that would have given me the impression that NewSpring has it all together. They are constantly learning and tweaking.

So Grateful. 

This was a great trip and I am so thankful to my church! I wouldn’t have been able to experience this without them.

I don’t know what the future holds for Thrive. But, I am going to concentrate on today. I’m going to concentrate on being the child of God, husband, dad, pastor, son, brother and friend He’s called me to be.

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