5 Reasons to check out Thrive tomorrow

Tomorrow is Sunday! My favorite day of the week! IMG_3595_2

I don’t know what you do on Sundays, but I want to invite you to check out my church

Yup, a church! Here’s the thing, I know Sunday’s are precious! Trust me, I get it. I know for many people it’s the only day of the week to sleep in, I get that. I know for many, it’s the only day to veg, I get that. I know for many, it’s the only day to hang as a family, again, I get that.

But, why not start your week at Church?!? Yes, Church!?!

And, why not at…

Thrive Church.

Here’s the thing, if you’re looking for a different church, then you don’t have to go any further.

We’ve decided to be different on purpose. We’re not about tradition and dressing up and trying to impress others, we’re not about being a little club, and we’re not about being a church that never changes. Nothing against those things, but there just not us.

Thrive is a really simple, real and fun church. We’re about one thing…and that’s Jesus. So, if you need to laugh. If you need to experience God. If you like great music and hearing real stories of how God is changing peoples lives for the better, then check out my church. If you need more reasons to check out my church, here are some more.

5 reasons to Check out Thrive Church

1. If you have kids, they’ll love it!

2. If you have never been to a church in movie theater, you will love it! We have crazy comfy chairs!

3. If you like music, we have a killer band. They will lead us in some rocking songs that tell God how amazing He is.

4. If you like to laugh, you will probably laugh.

5. If something has been missing in your life, you will find it. What’s been missing is probably a personal relationship with Jesus and we’ll show you how to can start one.

So, you’re invited! Check out Thrive Church at either 9 or 1015 at Celebration Cinema in Mt Pleasant!

See you tomorrow.

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