Don’t attend Thrive Church today, come be A PART of Thrive Church!

You are invited to come be apart of Thrive Church this morning! more people matter to God

Yes, I know…it’s early! Yes, I know…you have given up on ‘church’. Yes, I know…you’ve got more excuses.

But and it’s a Big BUT…give in to those excuses today and head to Thrive this morning!

Here’s the thing though, we don’t want you to just ATTEND. We don’t believe you ATTEND a Church.

I know people say that a lot…well…’I attend so and so church’. Nah! What fun is that?

You’re invited to come and be A PART of Thrive Church!

Isn’t attending something you do for a mandatory work training? Or something you do for school, right?

Come and be A PART of Thrive Church. 

Be A PART of a family. Yes, we are a family. A family that takes care of each other, welcomes each other, prays for each other and looks out for each other.

Be A PART of a something SUPER FUN. Yes, are a fun church. We don’t hide that. You won’t find an old stuffy environment at Thrive Church. We laugh. We clap. We cheer. We are excited!

Be A PART of changing lives. Thrive Church exists to help people find and follow Jesus. That’s it. We’re all about Jesus! And, when you’re all about Jesus, soon you will experience amazing life change! So, if you’re at a point in your life and things need to change, come and be apart. If you have been sensing for a while you need a church family, come and be apart. If you’re looking to be apart of something bigger than you, come and be apart.

We meet at Celebration Cinema at either 9 or 1015! I recommend arriving about 15 minutes early! Hang out, grab some coffee and then get your kids all checked into to Thrive kids. Then, head to theater one and be part!

Can’t wait to see you at Thrive Church! 

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