What you’ll experience at Thrive today

Today’s the day! Today is the day you’ve decided to check out Thrive Church!IMG_2484

You’ve heard of Thrive Church. You have some friends that talk about it. They share stuff on facebook. You’ve even clicked on some of those links.

And, wouldn’t you know it, you really enjoyed the stuff you clicked on. You’ve thought of checking it out. But, you’ve come up with excuses.

Well, today you’re ready. So, let me give you a heads up on what you’ll experience at Thrive.

 What you’ll experience at Thrive

  • A Church in a movie theater. Thrive actually meets in a movie theater. It’s pretty cool! Yes, it may smell like popcorn. Yes, the seats are crazy comfy.
  • When you drive up to the parking lot, you’ll see lots of Thrive flags.
  • As you walk in you’ll hear music and there will be a ton of people at the doors greeting you.
  • If you’re bringing kids, there will be someone who will show you around and get you to all the kids rooms.
  • The lobby will be filled with a ton of cool stuff! Today is a little different day than most. We’re hosting our 1st annual Indoor Tailgate Party. So, you will see tents with food, there will be an inflatable for kids and tons of people!
  • At 855 or 1010, everyone will head down to theater one for our experience. There will be music from our live band, a few videos and a message about Jesus.
  • Afterwards head to the Green Room, don’t worry, we’ll tell you where that’s at. You can get a free gift and more info about Thrive Church.

On top of all that, you will experience an extremely welcoming environment and a place where you’re wanted.

So, we can’t wait to meet you! Don’t forget, we meet at Celebration Cinema in Mt Pleasant at either 9 or 1015. Don’t forget, just today, be about 30 minutes early so you don’t miss out on the tailgate party!!


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