5 Reasons to check out Thrive tomorrow

Tomorrow is Sunday! My favorite day of the week!  I don't know what you do on Sundays, but I want to invite you to check out my church.  Yup, a church! Here's the thing, I know Sunday's are precious! Trust me, I get it. I know for many people it's the only day of the... Continue Reading →


Don’t attend Thrive Church today, come be A PART of Thrive Church!

You are invited to come be apart of Thrive Church this morning!  Yes, I know...it's early! Yes, I know...you have given up on 'church'. Yes, I know...you've got more excuses. But and it's a Big BUT...give in to those excuses today and head to Thrive this morning! Here's the thing though, we don't want you... Continue Reading →

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