Why Thrive is hosting an indoor Tailgate Party tomorrow

Thrive Church is 69 weeks old! Our mission is simple and clear, we exist to help people find and follow Jesus. One of our hopes is that people leave an experience at Thrive and know exactly what their next steps are to become a follower of Jesus. And, one of the things we decided early on is that we will do anything short of sin to reach people far from Jesus.

Anything short of sin to reach people. 

We desperately want to reach people who have given up on church, are done with Church and have walked away from God. Honestly, we’re a church for people who don’t like church. And, we’re trying to be a different kind of church. Actually, if I had to do an informal survey, there are primary types of people at Thrive. People who are brand new to church. People who have been burned by a church in the past. People who have been burned by life.

We want to be a place where those types of people can find rest, peace, hope and be pointed to Jesus. And, in a way that doesn’t come across pushy, in your face, looking down on them or give the exclusivity vibe.

Why a Tailgate Party? 

5-6 times a year, we host-plan-prepare and pull out all the stops in order to reach new people. Why only 5-6 times? Because of the natural momentum those days can bring. Days like…

Christmas, Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day (Dad Fest), Superbowl Sunday and our Church Anniversary.

On each of these days, we have an events team that prays-plans-prepares-dreams and hosts some great things at Thrive! Honestly, it’s a lot of work. On top of the already huge team it takes to pull off our Sunday morning experience. So, this is both hard, but extremely worth it!

Why do we do this? Because I believe to my core that if you can create a nonjudgmental, crazy welcoming environment that is filled with fun and normal everyday experiences, that environment can create an openness in people that they normally would never step into.

And, since they took the step, you can share the Gospel with them. Since this Sunday is Superbowl Sunday. It was the perfect opportunity to attempt an indoor tailgate party. So, we are giving it a shot. I don’t know if it will work. But, we’re going to try.

The Plan

  • We’re asking everyone to wear their favorite teams Jersey.
  • We have an Ultimate Fan contest.
  • We’re turning the lobby into an indoor tailgate party. There will be BBQ, free drinks, movie theater popcorn, football games for the kids. TV’s playing football stuff. And a few other surprises.

It all happens quick, so if people are late to Church, they will miss it all. But, we’ll see if it works.

We do all of this to create an environment where people will feel welcomed, accepted and loved. And then, we present the Gospel in the clearest way possible.

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