5 Reasons to invite friends to Thrive this Sunday

This Sunday is February 1st, 2015!

This Sunday is Superbowl Sunday!

This Sunday is also another opportunity for Thrive Church to gather together!

What happens when you combine all three together?

Thrive’s 1st annual Indoor Tailgate Party! Tailgate_Alone

5-6 times a year, we pull out all the stops and work hard to create an environment that will make it even easier to invite friends and family who have given up on Church, given up on God or are searching for a new church. This Sunday is one of those Sunday’s.

5 reasons to invite everyone you know

1. God has given you relationships with people who desperately need to know Jesus. Inviting them to Thrive is a GREAT way for them to hear about and be able to respond to Jesus.

2. God has given you a Church home and a Church family. More people need a Church home and a Church family.

3. Thrive Church is a church where it’s ok to not be ok. Remind who you’re inviting of that. There are ‘no perfect people allowed’ at Thrive. Tell your friends that they can come as they are!

**Just make sure you tell them to wear their favorite jersey’s!!

4. Thrive’s mission, why we exist, is to help people find and follow Jesus. Inviting and bringing a friend this Sunday could be what they need to find Jesus or follow Him.

5. It’s Superbowl Sunday! Your Church is hosting an awesome party. Reason enough!

Before you invite your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers…ask God to give you the courage and the strength to invite them. Then, reach out. Invite.

…Call them.

…Text them.

…Message them.

…Post something on Facebook about this Sunday.

See you on Sunday!!

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