My dream for every Thriver in 2015

I have a dream!i_have_a_dream_by_aners56-d3kx6uc

I have a HUGE dream for every person who calls Thrive their Church home in 2015.

It’s not a complex dream. It’s actually pretty simple.

And, I think it’s possible. So, here you go, here’s my dream. Well, actually, my dreams.

My dream is that every person who calls Thrive Church their home in 2015…

…Would fall deeply in love with Jesus.

…Would be passionate about prayer.

…Would search out God’s word.

…Would be Jesus to their family and to their world.

…Would be deeply concerned and care for the poor and the hurting and the needy.

…Would immerse themself in a Growth Group.

…Would become an irrational giver.

…Would use their leadership to influence others for Jesus.

…Would dream like they’ve never dreamed before.

Just imagine. Imagine how our lives would change. Imagine how our families would change. Imagine how our neighborhoods would change.

And, change for the better!

Let’s be focused on Jesus in 2015!! 


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