What I love about…Thrive Church

I love…What_I_Love_Logo

  • Our passion for people who have given up on the church

I really love…

  • How welcoming and accepting we are

I love…

  • That we have fun as a church and we love to laugh

I really love…

  • How we clap, cheer, sing and hoot and holler during our Sunday experience

I love…

  • That Thrivers are so excited to invite friends and family to Church

I really love…

  • That our church is passionately in love with Jesus.

I really do love my church!

Every day I am more and more excited about what’s ahead and every day I thank God for giving me the privilege of being the Pastor of Thrive Church. It’s a privilege I do not take lightly and one that I love!

Oh, here is what I loved about today at Thrive

1. I love that a 4th and 5th grader were our hosts for the experience and lead from the front!

2. I love a high schooler read scripture from the front.

3. I love that a team of people were not at Thrive, but were at the traveling homeless shelter.

4. I love that Ethan and Bob (Thrive volunteers) took our trailer to the traveling homeless shelter, packed it up and took it to the next church.

5. I love that we had pictures with Santa at Church. And, we had an indoor snowball fight…wore ugly Christmas sweaters…and showed a super funny video at the very end of our experience.

6. I loved the band! Holy cow they rocked! They did such a great job of leading us in worship.

7. I love how many adults serve on Sunday’s in Thrive Kidz!!

8. I love how many new faces there were at Thrive today!

9. I loved the moment a Thriver pulled me aside and thanked me. Wow, so meaningful.

10. I loved, LOVED, that 7 people trusted in Jesus today at Thrive.


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