3 reasons to invite EVERYONE you know to Thrive this Sunday!

This Sunday is a HUGE day for Thrive Church! Its actually a HUGE day for every Church!

Why? Because people who have given up on church, given up on God or are nominal church attenders are more likely to accept an invitation for this Sunday than pretty much any other Sunday of the year.

So, are you ready to invite your friends and family? Are you ready to invite your neighbors and co-workers?

If you’re still hesitant, here are 3 reasons to invite EVERYONE you know!

3 Reasons to INVITE and BRING

1. Everyone needs Jesus. Capital…E-veryone! Regardless of their past, their background, or their job status…everyone needs Jesus.

2. Everyone needs a Church home. Again, every man–woman–and child needs a church home. A place to find out about Jesus, learn how to follow Jesus, a place to give, a place to serve and a place to be welcome–accepted and loved!

3. Everyone needs hope. When people gather together on Sundays, they should receive a giant dose of HOPE! The hope of the cross!

So, you have 3 days before Sunday, who are you going to invite and bring to Church?

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