You’re invited to a Prayer Walk at 7am this Saturday!

That got your attention, didn’t it? 

First of all…a prayer what??

And second of all…at 7am!?!

Third of all…won’t it be cold outside?

I know what you’re thinking…Raitz you are crazy! 

Maybe, but I passionately believe in the power of prayer and I believe in praying big prayers. 

So, I’ve made it a habit to do a prayer walk every Saturday morning!

This week I’m asking you to join me. 


Because Sunday is an absolutely HUGE day for our Church. Outside of Easter, there may not be a Sunday that people are more willing to accept an invitation to Church.

So, as a Church we are going to pray GIANT prayers and BEG God to move in our Church!

You’re invited.

Just show up at 7am.

Wear warm clothes.

I’ll have a prayer guide if you would like that.

Let’s pray for God to move in such crazy ways that people will ask questions about our church and can only say…’It’s all God’!

See you on Sunday at Celebration Cinema! 


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