What I love about…Thrive Church

What a day! I woke up at 445am and for some reason, I’m still up! That doesn’t happen very often!

I’m still up because my mind and heart is racing from an amazing day.

Here’s the thing…

I LOVE MY CHURCH! What_I_Love_Logo

Today was an amazing! Here is what I love my church…

1. I love that dozens and dozens of people band together every Sunday. Thrive absolutely cannot happen without a ton of people serving together!

2. I love that so many people Facebook about Thrive Church! I really do. It’s so humbling and so cool!

3. I love that kids are loved and taught about Jesus every Sunday. 

4. I love that so many people took time to bake cookies for our Christmas Cookie Sunday!

5. I love how much the Matt Moore band rocked today at Thrive!

6. I love that our church gave $12,080 towards our Christmas Offering! 

7. I love that our students hung out with other churches tonight. 

8. I love that a group of Thrivers are serving at a homeless shelter this week! 

9. I love that 2 people trusted in Jesus this week! 

10. I love that God has given me the privilege of being Thrives Pastor! 


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