4 Stupendously Awesome Reasons to Check out Thrive Church tomorrow!

Maybe you’ve thought about checking out Thrive Church.

Maybe you haven’t.

Maybe you have a friend who posts about it all the time and you’ve wondered why they do.

Maybe you’ve watched a few of the messages from Thrive and you’ve thought about checking it out in person.

Maybe someone handed you a card and invited you to come with them.

Maybe this is the first time you’re hearing about Thrive Church.

Whatever your situation, you’re invited to Thrive Church tomorrow! 

Here are 4 Stupendously Awesome Reasons to Check out Thrive Church…

1. It’s Christmas time! For some reason you’ve thought about getting yourself and if you have a family into a Church for Christmas. Check out Thrive on December 14th (9 or 1015am), the 21st (9 or 1015am) or the 24th (6-7pm).

2. Free Hot Chocolate and Christmas Cookies. Yes, now I have your attention. Tomorrow is our annual Hot Chocolate Bar and Christmas Cookie Sunday at Thrive! Seriously, come and enjoy!

3. The Matt Moore Band. Yes, you read that right. The Matt Moore Band is playing at Thrive tomorrow!

4. A Church that exists for…

No Perfect People

Seriously, you can’t use your excuse that church is only for perfect people. At Thrive, you are welcomed–accepted–and loved from whatever background or place in life you’re at.

We all look to Jesus and that’s who we find our hope in!

So, what do you say? Hope to see you tomorrow! 


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