What I want for Christmas…Low Protein food for Zach & Madie

In the last week, a few people have asked me what I wanted for Christmas. IMG_1651

That’s really an easy question. I personally don’t need anything. I personally don’t want anything. Ok, that’s not true. But, there’s nothing I really need.

I would like Santa to bring Low Protein food for Zach and Madie to the Raitz house this year. 

That’s it. Easy. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a little background.

Two of our 4 kids have Classic PKU. If you haven’t ever heard of it, check out the video below. The mom in this video is great and nails what its like to have PKU and what PKU is all about.

In this video, the mom talks about the costly food for PKU’ers. That’s really one of the toughest parts of having two kids with PKU. Low Protein food is ridiculously expensive. And, for some reason, the government hasn’t mandated insurance companies to reimburse the cost of this special food. It’s actually really frustrating, but that will be another post.

BUT…we are so blessed to live in a state that provides medical formula for our kids. Someday we will have to start paying a portion, but right now its free. A HUGE BLESSING. Why? Because they need that formula to be healthy! And, it’s crazy expensive!

Back to the food. You and I pay what for a loaf of bread? 2 bucks? 3 bucks? Low Protein bread costs $12.99 a loaf and you have to have it cold shipped which is a little bit of cost as well. We could spend $500 and get 20 or so items and those wouldn’t last too long. Especially with a son about to head into the pre teen years.

So, that’s what I want.

I know, it’s selfish, but I was asked!! Hahah

What do you say Santa, can you bring Zach and Madie some of their favorite Low Protein foods?


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