Thrive’s Christmas Offering is this Sunday…Partner with us to reach Kids and Youth?

Thrive Church exists to help people (men, woman, students and children) find and follow Jesus!

We’re all about changed lives and pointing people to Jesus. 

That’s why our Christmas offering is so important!

Once a year, Thrive Church has a special opportunity for people to give above and beyond of their normal giving for a specialized project and unified endeavor. _03_Christmas-Offering---Kidz-&-Youth

This year’s Christmas offering goes to two primary areas:

Kids and Youth

It will go towards…

1. Thrive Church’s kids and youth

2. A few organizations in Central MI that care for and love kids and youth

3. A great global organization that cares for kids and youth.

This is a tremendous opportunity and I’m praying every Thriver takes advantage of this amazing opportunity to bless kids.

What’s the goal?

Our goal is to raise $25,000!!! It’s a huge goal and would be a major God moment for our Church! But, we’ve been praying and asking God to help us raise this amount, because if we can raise it, we can really bless the kids and youth at our church, kids and youth in our community and kids through a great global organization!

When can I give? 

You can bring your Christmas Offering this Sunday to Thrive Church and place it in your Christmas offering envelope that was sent to your house. We will have extras at Thrive on Sunday. Please make checks out to Thrive Church and put Christmas Offering in the memo line. Also, you can give till December 31st, 2014. Or you can give online here…

Where will the money go?

Last week I made a wish list for Thrive and posted it. We will be able to purchase the items on it for our kids and youth, which would be HUGE and help us create amazing environments for our kids and students!

Thrive Kid (Birth – 5th grade) 

  • Lighting for our Thrive Kidz rooms at Celebration Cinema. This will really help light up our kids environments.
  • Fun chairs and bean chairs for the Thrive Kidz rooms!
  • Play panel walls and soft flooring for the kids rooms!
  • A sound system and video projector for our large group room for our kids!
  • Toys, slides and other fun items for the rooms.

One Youth (6th-12th grade) 

  • Lighting for our new One Youth room.
  • 27 inch iMac for the One Youth room.
  • Couches for the One Youth room.
  • Bean bag chairs for the One Youth room.
  • Beverage center for the One Youth room.
  • (4) 40-50 inch TV’s
  • A Wii, X Box, Play Station 4
  • Lamps, rugs and end tables from IKEA.
  • Basketball Shoot Em Game.
  • Nerf Guns.
  • Board games, card games.
  • Round 5ft tables.
  • One Youth Scholarships. This fund helps kids and students attend camps and retreats!

Mt Pleasant Young Life

If we hit our goal with our Christmas offering, we will be able to give a financial gift to the ministry of Young Life in Mt Pleasant. This is a great organization that loves students and introduces them to Jesus.

Isabella County Restoration House

This is a fantastic local organization that provides temporary housing for the homeless of Mt Pleasant!

Hopewell Ranch

HopeWell Ranch is a non-profit organization that desires, through the use of rescued horses, to reach out to children and people who may have emotional, spiritual, physical and social needs. It is our goal to offer them the unconditional love of a horse and caring staff, as an example of Christ’s love, to help facilitate healing and the restoration of hope for their future.

Compassion International

For just $38 a month, children can be sponsored and provided basic and life saving needs.

Thank you so much for partnering with us and helping us reach our goal! 

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