My dream for every Thriver in 2015

I have a dream! I have a HUGE dream for every person who calls Thrive their Church home in 2015. It's not a complex dream. It's actually pretty simple. And, I think it's possible. So, here you go, here's my dream. Well, actually, my dreams. My dream is that every person who calls Thrive Church... Continue Reading →


The Pastors I’m Inspired by and I’m learning from…pt. 1

Here is a list of the Pastors I'm inspired by and I'm learning from. If these Pastors have books, I read them. I watch or listen to their messages. I follow them on Facebook/Twitter. And, if they blog, I read that. So thankful for this group of Pastors! Here are the Pastors who blog regularly...... Continue Reading →

5 yr old and under Churches that I’m Inspired by and Learning from…pt 2

Yesterday I posted a list of churches that inspire me and that I'm learning from. If you read through the list or clicked on the links, you probably noticed very quickly that they are all the 'super-big-crazy-God story' churches. Today's list also includes 'super-awesome-crazy-inspiring-God-honoring' Churches. And, a part from 2 churches on this list, all... Continue Reading →

My family is Blessed! A box, a fixed car, a cool shirt, a borrowed van

I'm not even sure how to express what happened yesterday.  It's something that literally took my breath away and really messed with me for quite awhile. Messed in a good way, that is. First of all, it's been a crazy week. Lots of extra planning, details and running around to add all the special elements... Continue Reading →

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