You’re invited, believe it or not, to a Church in a movie theater

Have you been looking for a Church? IMG_2484

Have you been searching for a Church home?

Whether you’re looking for just you or your family, you’re invited to check out Thrive Church.

We are a relatively brand new (60 weeks old) non denominational church that meets in a movie theater.

Yes, a movie theater and it’s awesome! 

That means we have GREAT seats and cup holders, hah!

But, if you’ve given up on Church and have been searching for a new church home, today could be the day you check out Thrive.

A few things to know before you come:

1. We’re super casual…SUPER. We’re a jeans kind of church. You can dress up, we just don’t want you to feel our of place. So, just be comfortable.

2. We like to laugh…A LOT. No worries about letting loose and laughing at Thrive! Its part of who we are!

3. We like to sing…LOUD. We have a sweet band and they will lead us in all sorts of songs. Sing if you would like or just enjoy!

4. We talk about Jesus…ALL THE TIME! If you’re looking for a church that’s not so focused on Jesus, we’re not the church for you. But, if you want to find out more about Jesus, check out Thrive!

5. We want your kids and students to love Jesus and the Church. So, we have a church just for kids called Thrive Kidz. It’s for kids from birth to 5th grade. Just look for the Thrive Kidz check in sign and our Thrive Kidz people will get you all set.

So, what do you think? You’re invited to check out Thrive Church this morning.

We meet at Celebration Cinema at either 9 or 1015am. I recommend getting to Thrive 15 minutes early!!

See you in a few!

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