Check out Thrive’s Wish List…

Thrive Church is 60 weeks old! I can’t believe it! 

We exist…To help people find and follow Jesus. That’s it, we’re simple–real–and fun! 

And, in our short existence, God has used our church to reach hundreds of men, women and children with the gospel!  It’s so humbling and so honoring!

Since we are a relatively new and growing church, we always have a list of needs. Stuff (resources, equipment, furniture) that would drastically help our church reach more people. That would help our church equip and train more people.

Now, we’ve done a ton with a  little! We started with absolutely nothing and God’s provided in crazy awesome ways.

We’ve had computers donated. Trailers donated. Equipment donated. Office space and desks donated and so much more!

It’s been an awesome faith journey.

Recently, someone asked me to create a list so people can see what Thrive’s needs are, so here it is that list! I have linked each need with the item we’re praying for and about.

So, would you consider partnering with Thrive Church?

1. You can give financially to Thrive Church. Either a special gift or you can set up a reoccurring online give. You can do that here. Every financial gift given to Thrive Church is tax deductible because we are a 501c3 non profit organization.

2. You can purchase and donate any of the below items.

We’ve been blessed with a tremendously awesome office space and a space for our students to meet. Now we need to fill it with the necessary tools to really utilize those spaces.

Thrive’s Wish List

Sunday morning needs at Thrive…

Bibles (Need 60 Bibles)

How good is good enough (A book by Andy Stanley for new Christians. Need 50)

Gas & Grocery Gift Cards (To give to families in need)

Keurig Coffee Machine

Play Panels (12 different color panels needed for Thrive Kidz)

Soft Floor Panels (2 complete sets needed)

Chairs (Fun chairs for our 4th/5th grade ministry)

Kids Bean Bag Chair (4 are needed)

Lighting (4 sets of lighting for Thrive Kidz)

27 inch iMac

13 inch MacBook Pro

Portable Sound System (For Thrive Kidz) Email for more information

The Hub needs (Thrive’s office and One Youth Ministry space…

We have offices that still need furniture, a big waiting area that needs couches and chairs for groups to meet and meetings to happen and we have an awesome space for youth that needs to be filled with the resources to make it a great environment for students!

Color Printer and Scanner

Computer Monitors (4 are needed)

Office Desks (2 are needed)

Cafe Tables (5 are needed)

Chairs for Cafe Tables (6 are needed)

Chairs (6 are needed for offices)

Small Couch (5 are needed)

Big Couch (7 are needed)

Basketball Game (For the One Youth room)

Folding Chairs (50 needed)

6ft Folding Tables (6 needed)

5ft Round Tables (6 needed)

Beverage Center

Wii, XBOX and PlayStation (1 of each system)

42 inch TV (4 are needed)

Bean Bag Chair (3 are needed)

Big DREAM List

Ford 250 Truck

New Trailer

Play Panel Cart

Additional Sub woofers and speakers

Lighting Trusses

15 Passenger Van

Thanks for considering helping Thrive Church! If you would like to donate any of the above items or have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me (

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