Think Church is boring?

Have you ever had the thought…

Church is boring. 

I bet you have. I have. My goodness, I have had that thought a ton!

I grew up in very traditional churches and that thought swirled around in my head quite a bit!

Let me ask you another question…

Has that kept you from being a part of a Church? 

If it has, I’m asking you to give the church one more shot. I know, I know, you said you never would again!

I have had lunch with people who have told me that church is boring, that its outdated, that its lost its touch and that its not relevant any longer.

But, for some reason you came across this blog post this morning and I’m guessing that’s because you have a friend who has asked you to check out their church.

So, what about one more shot?

And, if you live in Central MI, what about checking out Thrive Church this morning? Thrive is a non-denominational Church that started about 60 weeks ago by people who wanted to create a church that people who are done with church, would love.

Yup, that’s it.

Thrive is a church for people who don’t like Church. 

Thrive is Simple, it’s Real and it’s Fun.

Our HUGE goal is that when you check out Thrive this morning, you will step into an environment where people want you to be. We’re a church that believes there should be no perfect people allowed. So, just come. Don’t worry about dressing up. Don’t worry about not understanding what’s going on.

You’re probably going to hear songs you’ll recognize from the radio, see a clip from a movie you’ve seen and hear a message from the Bible that will deal with everyday stuff.


At Thrive, we believe the message of hope and life that Jesus offers is the most EXCITING message ever. 

So, it could never be boring! 

I so hope you can check out Thrive this morning! If you have kids, there is a special kid church for them called ‘Thrive Kidz’. Get to Celebration Cinema about 15 minutes early. You can grab some coffee and donuts and then head to the big Thrive Kidz sign and our Thrive Kidz volunteers will get your kids all checked in.

After that, head down the hallway to theater one!

And, please let me know if your experience at Thrive was boring! Email me at

Ok, see you in a little bit!

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