3 Ways to Invite Someone to Thrive this Sunday

Ever feel like there isn’t enough time?

Ever get all stressed out because there isn’t enough time to do something?

Ever convince yourself that the week is over and there isn’t enough time to invite someone?

Well, guess what?? I have good news for you.

There is time to invite someone to Thrive this Sunday! taming tech header


So much time!

And, who knows, your invite could lead them to surrendering their life to Jesus. It could lead them to experiencing hope. It could open up the doors for them to experience being accepted and welcomed. It could put people in their life who will care for the first time, maybe ever.

It could!

So, what are you waiting for?

Here are 3 ways to invite someone…

1. The telephone. I know, this is crazy, right!?! But, it’s still pretty darn effective! Just call and ask. Say something like…

‘Hey, what are you doing Sunday morning? I’m heading over to Celebration Cinema to be a part of my kicking awesome church. Oh, it’s called Thrive. Super fun. Super laid back. Super casual. Super great music. Super easy to understand and the messages are real and meaningful. So, I’ll pick you up at 10’?

2. Hand them an invite care. Every week at the info table at Thrive are piles of invite cards. Just start passing them out. At work, at home, at school…wherever you are!

3. Use the power of Facebook. Amazing how easy this is! Either…

  • Share a current status from Thrive’s main Facebook page
  • Just write out an invite as a status on your page
  • Message a friend and ask them to go with you
  • If one of your friends posts a status about looking for something to do…comment and let them know about Thrive!

Ok, that’s it! Simple. Easy.

You can do it!

Let’s never get tired of inviting people to hear about the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

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