What if you gave Thrive Church a shot today?

Today could be the day!church for no church

For months you have noticed your friends and family talking and posting about their church on Facebook.

At first you just ignored it.

At first you thought…’good for them, but I don’t need church’.

Then you thought, I wish they would just stop it! A church can’t be all that!

Then, something started to change. 

You started to read some their posts, you started listening to some of their conversations and your heart started softening.

It really started to change and that’s ok. 

Fast forward to reading this today. You find yourself at an interesting place this morning.

You are really thinking about checking out this church you’ve heard a lot about.

You’ve made a list of the negatives.

But, the positives, for some reason, just keep outweighing the negatives.

So, you’re up. You know that Thrive Church starts at 9 or 10:15 at Celebration Cinema.

You’ve been told that you don’t have to dress up. Jeans will do. 

You’ve been told this is a church that is really ready to accept and welcome you.

You’ve been told this is a church that is fun and laughs a ton. 

You’ve been told this is a church that is all about Jesus and not about rules. 

You’ve been told this is a church that cares deeply about you and your relationship with Jesus. 

You’ve been told that if you just give this church a chance, you may actually like it. 

And then, you may actually find a church home. And then, you may actually find people who care for you. And then, you may actually find the hope you’re looking for and the peace.

So, what do you say?

Is today the day?

Here’s what I recommend. Message someone and bring them with you. Show up about 15 minutes early to Celebrate Cinemas. When you walk in, there will be coffee and donuts on your right. If you have kids, just head straight to the check in kiosks. Then, at about 855 or 1010, head to theater one for the morning experience.

Thanks for giving Thrive a shot today! 



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