Sunday Night Thoughts

It’s Sunday night.14015_10154866857590235_7952495633490854902_n

My mind is racing and my heart is full.

Today was an absolutely fantastic day.

As a Pastor and a leader, I am so humbled and honored and can’t believe God would give me such an amazing Church to be a part of and lead.

I’ve spent a bit of time reflecting and thinking about today and her are some of my thoughts.


…My family amazes me. Every Sunday morning we all get up at 530am and get ready and then we head into church. Every body has a role and I’m so proud of my kids for helping turn a movie theater into a church environment.

…My wife amazes me. Seriously, every week she just does what needs to be done to serve and to love kids at our church. She doesn’t get paid, and she just tirelessly works. This morning she fought through a terrible headache and again, was just awesome.

…Thrive’s set up team are amazing! I mean, really! They get there at 7am and unload the trailers, set up and then tears it all down and loads them back up! Just simply awesome!

…Thrive’s Kidz volunteers are awesome! This is area that we are praying for more people to step up, but week after week, we have some of the best and most amazing adults who love kids!

…Thrive’s band and tech team just killed it today. They attempted some really cool and powerful and unique songs and videos and they were just awesome. They totally tied into to our big idea and it all went so well!

…Hearing stories of life change never gets old. My Facebook messages have been going crazy lately with people sharing what God is doing in their lives. Wow. Just simple awesome.

…We also had an amazing After Party after Church and I got to hear so many stories! I love that !

What a great day!

I’m so blown away and I’m so humbled by what God is doing at our Church.



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