It’s Saturday night…

Saturday nights are different for me than they’ve ever been.

For years, I was a youth pastor and many Saturday nights I was out and about with students.

Then we had kids, and then the students came over our house.

Now that we’re older and I’m the pastor of the church, Saturday nights are different.

I go pretty hard and pretty fast all week. This week was intense. Not only from an emotional standpoint. Not only from the pain and hurt that I’m let into too. Not only from the ups and downs of ministry. Not only from the excitement and joy of ministry. But, I have been in a lot of pain all week, and it’s been hard to put in the amount of hours that I do with this much pain.

But, I do love Saturdays.

They are typically the final day to make sure I’m prepared for Sunday.

I love sitting in my office and going over the notes for my message.

I love that I have an office now and that I can practice my message.

I love heading to the theater we use and doing a prayer walk around it.

And then Saturday nights come.

They are a mixture of excitement–nervousness–anxiety–anticipation–expectation and all out wonderment.

What will Sunday be like?

Who is out of town?

How will Sunday go?

Will all our volunteers show up?

Will I give my worries and nervousness to Jesus?

Will tomorrow be the day someone gives their heart to Jesus?

Will I step out of the way and remember that my church is Jesus’ hands.

Oh, I love Saturday nights.

But my goodness…I love Sunday mornings even more!

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