You’re invited, believe it or not, to a Church in a movie theater

Have you been looking for a Church? IMG_2484

Have you been searching for a Church home?

Whether you’re looking for just you or your family, you’re invited to check out Thrive Church.

We are a relatively brand new (60 weeks old) non denominational church that meets in a movie theater.

Yes, a movie theater and it’s awesome! 

That means we have GREAT seats and cup holders, hah!

But, if you’ve given up on Church and have been searching for a new church home, today could be the day you check out Thrive.

A few things to know before you come:

1. We’re super casual…SUPER. We’re a jeans kind of church. You can dress up, we just don’t want you to feel our of place. So, just be comfortable.

2. We like to laugh…A LOT. No worries about letting loose and laughing at Thrive! Its part of who we are!

3. We like to sing…LOUD. We have a sweet band and they will lead us in all sorts of songs. Sing if you would like or just enjoy!

4. We talk about Jesus…ALL THE TIME! If you’re looking for a church that’s not so focused on Jesus, we’re not the church for you. But, if you want to find out more about Jesus, check out Thrive!

5. We want your kids and students to love Jesus and the Church. So, we have a church just for kids called Thrive Kidz. It’s for kids from birth to 5th grade. Just look for the Thrive Kidz check in sign and our Thrive Kidz people will get you all set.

So, what do you think? You’re invited to check out Thrive Church this morning.

We meet at Celebration Cinema at either 9 or 1015am. I recommend getting to Thrive 15 minutes early!!

See you in a few!


Check out Thrive’s Wish List…

Thrive Church is 60 weeks old! I can’t believe it! 

We exist…To help people find and follow Jesus. That’s it, we’re simple–real–and fun! 

And, in our short existence, God has used our church to reach hundreds of men, women and children with the gospel!  It’s so humbling and so honoring!

Since we are a relatively new and growing church, we always have a list of needs. Stuff (resources, equipment, furniture) that would drastically help our church reach more people. That would help our church equip and train more people.

Now, we’ve done a ton with a  little! We started with absolutely nothing and God’s provided in crazy awesome ways.

We’ve had computers donated. Trailers donated. Equipment donated. Office space and desks donated and so much more!

It’s been an awesome faith journey.

Recently, someone asked me to create a list so people can see what Thrive’s needs are, so here it is that list! I have linked each need with the item we’re praying for and about.

So, would you consider partnering with Thrive Church?

1. You can give financially to Thrive Church. Either a special gift or you can set up a reoccurring online give. You can do that here. Every financial gift given to Thrive Church is tax deductible because we are a 501c3 non profit organization.

2. You can purchase and donate any of the below items.

We’ve been blessed with a tremendously awesome office space and a space for our students to meet. Now we need to fill it with the necessary tools to really utilize those spaces.

Thrive’s Wish List

Sunday morning needs at Thrive…

Bibles (Need 60 Bibles)

How good is good enough (A book by Andy Stanley for new Christians. Need 50)

Gas & Grocery Gift Cards (To give to families in need)

Keurig Coffee Machine

Play Panels (12 different color panels needed for Thrive Kidz)

Soft Floor Panels (2 complete sets needed)

Chairs (Fun chairs for our 4th/5th grade ministry)

Kids Bean Bag Chair (4 are needed)

Lighting (4 sets of lighting for Thrive Kidz)

27 inch iMac

13 inch MacBook Pro

Portable Sound System (For Thrive Kidz) Email for more information

The Hub needs (Thrive’s office and One Youth Ministry space…

We have offices that still need furniture, a big waiting area that needs couches and chairs for groups to meet and meetings to happen and we have an awesome space for youth that needs to be filled with the resources to make it a great environment for students!

Color Printer and Scanner

Computer Monitors (4 are needed)

Office Desks (2 are needed)

Cafe Tables (5 are needed)

Chairs for Cafe Tables (6 are needed)

Chairs (6 are needed for offices)

Small Couch (5 are needed)

Big Couch (7 are needed)

Basketball Game (For the One Youth room)

Folding Chairs (50 needed)

6ft Folding Tables (6 needed)

5ft Round Tables (6 needed)

Beverage Center

Wii, XBOX and PlayStation (1 of each system)

42 inch TV (4 are needed)

Bean Bag Chair (3 are needed)

Big DREAM List

Ford 250 Truck

New Trailer

Play Panel Cart

Additional Sub woofers and speakers

Lighting Trusses

15 Passenger Van

Thanks for considering helping Thrive Church! If you would like to donate any of the above items or have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me (

Think Church is boring?

Have you ever had the thought…

Church is boring. 

I bet you have. I have. My goodness, I have had that thought a ton!

I grew up in very traditional churches and that thought swirled around in my head quite a bit!

Let me ask you another question…

Has that kept you from being a part of a Church? 

If it has, I’m asking you to give the church one more shot. I know, I know, you said you never would again!

I have had lunch with people who have told me that church is boring, that its outdated, that its lost its touch and that its not relevant any longer.

But, for some reason you came across this blog post this morning and I’m guessing that’s because you have a friend who has asked you to check out their church.

So, what about one more shot?

And, if you live in Central MI, what about checking out Thrive Church this morning? Thrive is a non-denominational Church that started about 60 weeks ago by people who wanted to create a church that people who are done with church, would love.

Yup, that’s it.

Thrive is a church for people who don’t like Church. 

Thrive is Simple, it’s Real and it’s Fun.

Our HUGE goal is that when you check out Thrive this morning, you will step into an environment where people want you to be. We’re a church that believes there should be no perfect people allowed. So, just come. Don’t worry about dressing up. Don’t worry about not understanding what’s going on.

You’re probably going to hear songs you’ll recognize from the radio, see a clip from a movie you’ve seen and hear a message from the Bible that will deal with everyday stuff.


At Thrive, we believe the message of hope and life that Jesus offers is the most EXCITING message ever. 

So, it could never be boring! 

I so hope you can check out Thrive this morning! If you have kids, there is a special kid church for them called ‘Thrive Kidz’. Get to Celebration Cinema about 15 minutes early. You can grab some coffee and donuts and then head to the big Thrive Kidz sign and our Thrive Kidz volunteers will get your kids all checked in.

After that, head down the hallway to theater one!

And, please let me know if your experience at Thrive was boring! Email me at

Ok, see you in a little bit!

3 Ways to Invite Someone to Thrive this Sunday

Ever feel like there isn’t enough time?

Ever get all stressed out because there isn’t enough time to do something?

Ever convince yourself that the week is over and there isn’t enough time to invite someone?

Well, guess what?? I have good news for you.

There is time to invite someone to Thrive this Sunday! taming tech header


So much time!

And, who knows, your invite could lead them to surrendering their life to Jesus. It could lead them to experiencing hope. It could open up the doors for them to experience being accepted and welcomed. It could put people in their life who will care for the first time, maybe ever.

It could!

So, what are you waiting for?

Here are 3 ways to invite someone…

1. The telephone. I know, this is crazy, right!?! But, it’s still pretty darn effective! Just call and ask. Say something like…

‘Hey, what are you doing Sunday morning? I’m heading over to Celebration Cinema to be a part of my kicking awesome church. Oh, it’s called Thrive. Super fun. Super laid back. Super casual. Super great music. Super easy to understand and the messages are real and meaningful. So, I’ll pick you up at 10’?

2. Hand them an invite care. Every week at the info table at Thrive are piles of invite cards. Just start passing them out. At work, at home, at school…wherever you are!

3. Use the power of Facebook. Amazing how easy this is! Either…

  • Share a current status from Thrive’s main Facebook page
  • Just write out an invite as a status on your page
  • Message a friend and ask them to go with you
  • If one of your friends posts a status about looking for something to do…comment and let them know about Thrive!

Ok, that’s it! Simple. Easy.

You can do it!

Let’s never get tired of inviting people to hear about the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

What if you gave Thrive Church a shot today?

Today could be the day!church for no church

For months you have noticed your friends and family talking and posting about their church on Facebook.

At first you just ignored it.

At first you thought…’good for them, but I don’t need church’.

Then you thought, I wish they would just stop it! A church can’t be all that!

Then, something started to change. 

You started to read some their posts, you started listening to some of their conversations and your heart started softening.

It really started to change and that’s ok. 

Fast forward to reading this today. You find yourself at an interesting place this morning.

You are really thinking about checking out this church you’ve heard a lot about.

You’ve made a list of the negatives.

But, the positives, for some reason, just keep outweighing the negatives.

So, you’re up. You know that Thrive Church starts at 9 or 10:15 at Celebration Cinema.

You’ve been told that you don’t have to dress up. Jeans will do. 

You’ve been told this is a church that is really ready to accept and welcome you.

You’ve been told this is a church that is fun and laughs a ton. 

You’ve been told this is a church that is all about Jesus and not about rules. 

You’ve been told this is a church that cares deeply about you and your relationship with Jesus. 

You’ve been told that if you just give this church a chance, you may actually like it. 

And then, you may actually find a church home. And then, you may actually find people who care for you. And then, you may actually find the hope you’re looking for and the peace.

So, what do you say?

Is today the day?

Here’s what I recommend. Message someone and bring them with you. Show up about 15 minutes early to Celebrate Cinemas. When you walk in, there will be coffee and donuts on your right. If you have kids, just head straight to the check in kiosks. Then, at about 855 or 1010, head to theater one for the morning experience.

Thanks for giving Thrive a shot today!