Why I am ridiculously EXCITED for Sunday!! A hint…it’s baptism Sunday at Thrive!

You know, here’s the honest truth…

I am really and truly excited about each and every Sunday at Thrive Church

I really am. That doesn’t mean every Sunday I jump out of bed at mach 9 and ready to attack the day! But, most Sunday’s I wake up with the Christmas morning feeling.

I love Sunday’s. I love the potential impact they have. I love the rest they offer. I love being able to gather with my church family. I love how much my family loves our church.

I love seeing families serve together. I love seeing how many people come together to serve. I love hearing our church worship. I love it!


This Sunday will be extra special. Why?

Well, first of all, we finish a great series…‘Things I wish Jesus Never Said’. I have loved this series. It has been challenging and definitely the kind of series that makes you uncomfortable. I love those kind!

Our faith should never get comfortable!

Then, our church heads over to the campus of CMU (at the Rose Pool) for our baptisms and a family swim.

I can’t wait! 

It is so ridiculously exciting to be a part of baptisms. That moment when people decide to publicly declare that they have made a commitment to follow Jesus! Yeah, that’s just awesome!

So, don’t miss it! After church, help tear down or go grab lunch with your family and then over to the Rose pool. Be in the pool area by 1230pm. We will get started right away.

And, do me a favor.


Yes, do all those things for the folks getting baptized! And do them loud!

Then, jump in the pool! Relax. Have fun! Hang out with other Thrivers as the kids swim!

See you on Sunday!


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