Zach’s 4 Reasons to come to Thrive on Sunday

My 10 year old son loves our Church. Which, I love that he loves our church. IMG_2611

Typically, he’ll bring up ideas to make Thrive better when we’re driving or playing catch.

And, I love that! I love that he wants to help keep improving our church!

And, he just loves to be a part. 

He’s in the 5th grade and asks all the time if he can come to One Youth stuff (our student ministry for 6th-12th graders).

He asks all the time for Club45 T-Shirts and Sweatshirts (our 4th & 5th grade ministry). He also wants a Thrive flat bill hat!

He never fights going to church 

He loves the band, he loves Thrive Kidz, he loves helping set up and he loves being one of our Hosts on stage during our experience.

I asked him this morning what are some reasons people should check out Thrive Church.

So, here are Zach’s 4 reason’s you should check out Thrive! 

1. You meet new people.

According to Zach, Thrive is the friendliest church ever and you will meet new and really cool people. He said to get ready!

2. You can learn about Jesus. 

Since Thrive is all about helping people find and follow Jesus, Zach says you can learn how to trust in Jesus and give your life to Him.

3. You can ask questions about God and what you don’t understand. 

(Which by the way…we welcome questions and doubts about God at Thrive!)

4. You won’t fall asleep because Church is so FUN! 

Zach says you’ll love the band, the videos, the message and coming to a church in movie theater.

Ok, there it is…4 reasons you should check out Thrive Church according to Zach!

See you on Sunday at Celebration Cinema at 9 or 1015am.

I recommend you getting there 15 minutes early!

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