If you’re looking for a Church, check out Thrive Church today

What’s that you say? You’re looking for a church home? 

You have been thinking about finding a church for awhile, but you seemingly always come up with an excuse.

And then, another and another. You don’t know why. You’ve looked at the pictures on Facebook. You’ve even begun watching the messages online.

You like it. You really do.

But, there always seems to be an excuse. IMG_2484

Well, today, come up with an excuse to check out Thrive Church.

Yup, it’s that easy.

Don’t want to come alone? You have plenty of time to text, email, message, tweet or call someone and invite them to come with you.

Here’s the deal…we’re ready for you!

We want you to check out Thrive Church. We work incredibly hard to be ready and to create an environment that welcomes and accepts everyone.

No, really…EVERYONE!


Oh, you’re not perfect? That’s great, there are no perfect people allowed at Thrive!

Oh, you have kids? That’s great, we have an amazing kids church called Thrive Kidz and they are ready for your kids.

Oh, you have teenagers? That’s great, we love students and I bet they will love their experience at Thrive.

Oh, you have given up on church? That’s great, most of us did too and then we decided to start a church that people who don’t like church will love.

Oh, you love great music? That’s great, our band absolutely rocks! You’ll hear some songs from the radio and then some worship songs.

Oh, you love to laugh? That’s great, we love to laugh.

Check out Thrive today

  • Head to Celebration Cinemas (4395 E. Pickard, Mt Pleasant, MI)
  • Our experiences start at 9 and 1015am
  • I recommend getting there at least 15 minutes early
  • Head into theater one 5 minutes before it starts

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