3 Ways to Engage with Thrive this Sunday

It’s Saturday morning and I’m up early to finish up my message for tomorrow at Thrive.3_Ways_Logo

This has been a tough message to prepare, to write and I know it will be tough to give tomorrow. Why?

Because we’re looking at Jesus’ words…

‘love your enemies’. 

Wow! Just let those words sink in for a moment. And here’s the thing, He was really serious about His followers living them out. So, I can’t wait to teach from Matthew 5:43-48 and be at Thrive tomorrow!

But, its Saturday and there is still time to Engage with Thrive this Sunday, so, here are a few ways to do just that.

ONE…Prepare your heart! 

No really, prepare your heart. Heres’ what that means. If there is something that has been holding you back all week. Some anger, some bitterness, some worry, some anxiety, some envy or some other kind of sin. Spend some time today and give it God. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t show up to Thrive in whatever place you’re at. But, it just means, you will connect with God in a greater way if you prepare yourself.

So, spend some time today praying. Seek God. Give Him your entire attention. Lay down those sins before Him and ask for His forgiveness.

TWO…Be at Thrive! 

We’re all busy. We all have a million things to do each week. But honestly, for some of us, it’s almost like we flip a coin on Sunday to determine if we’re going to head to Church. What’s up with that?

Here’s the thing. The local Church is the hope of the world! That means it is the most important organization in the world! It’s worth waking up for on Sunday.

So, be there tomorrow. Come ready. Come expectant. Come excited. Come just as you are!

THREE…Be ready to take your next step!

Thrive Church is not a social club. It’s not a status symbol. So many churches are. So many churches are just about your appearance. Do you look the right part and do you say the right words?

That’s not what our church is about. We could care less if you dress up, if you look like you have it all together. Here’s what I know to be true…none of really do and that’s ok. When you come to Thrive, it’s ok to not be ok. But, like Perry Noble says…’it’s not ok to stay that way’.

So, be ready to take your next step spiritually. Get ready to be challenged. Be honest with God. Be honest with yourself.

Get ready to draw closer to Jesus. 

See you tomorrow at either 9 or 1015 at Celebration Cinema! 

PS…I recommend getting to Thrive 15 minutes early. Meet some new people. Hang out. Learn some names. And, head into theater one five minutes before we start!

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