3 Reasons Why and How to invite someone to Thrive

Every single day, we all come into contact with dozens, if not hundreds and hundred of people.

Whether its online, face to face, at Starbucks, in our homes, at work, at school or in our neighborhoods.

We will only have some type of meaningful relationship with handfuls of those we come into contact with and of those people we all face a decision.

We can either invite them to church or not.thrive))church-no-perfect-allowed

Have you ever thought about inviting someone to church? I bet the thought has crossed your mind and if you’re like me, you have dismissed that thought a time or two. I really believe that the thought to invite them wasn’t a chance thought. I bet it was planted in your heart by the Holy Spirit in the form of a whisper and you either listened or dismissed it.

If you dismissed the thought, don’t worry, you’re not alone. I have heard thousands of whispers over the years that I haven’t acted on!

Yes, looking back, I am so bummed! Imagine the journey God has for us if we just paid attention to His voice?

Why don’t you start inviting now? Who has God been putting on your heart to invite? Where do you need to go to invite the people he has laid on your heart?

Today is the day to pay attention to that whisper and invite.

So, here are 3 reasons why and how.

(Why you should invite and how to invite someone to Thrive)

Let’s start with the why…

ONE…People matter to God. If people matter to God, then they should matter to us. And, we have an opportunity to expose them to a community that they will matter too.

TWO…There is room in the Kingdom of God. Wouldn’t you know it, but there is plenty of room. You and I have an opportunity to invite them into something bigger than we could ever possibly imagine.

THREE…Salvation, Hope, Joy, Peace, Community, Blessing, Friendships and Love. These are a few of the ultimate benefits the people we are praying about could experience if they accepted the invite to come to church and then accepted Jesus into their hearts.

Those are great, but how do I invite someone? more people matter to God

ONE…Be Jesus. Here’s the deal, you don’t have to walk around screaming and shouting that people are sinners and they are going to hell. You just don’t. Also, you don’t have to be judgmental at work or around your family. If someone close to you starts talking about something there into that goes against scripture, you don’t have too immediately call them out for being a pagan!

Just be Jesus. Listen. Love. Ask questions. Be there for them. Help them. Look for ways to bless them.

TWO…Be open about how you’re life has been changed. When the time presents itself, don’t hold back your story of how you met Jesus and how He has changed your life. If Jesus is truly your Savior, your life will show it. Things will change. Your friends may notice that you’re different.

You should be more…gentle, kind, loving, patient, have more self control…be more peaceful.

If they ask what’s different, tell them. You have a Savior. You have been forgiven of your past. You are now experiencing what it’s like to be a part of a community of people who care for you and want God’s best for you.

Again, don’t be weird. Just honestly share.

THREE…Invite them to Thrive. Inviting someone to Thrive is super easy, especially if they have already seen some great changes in you.

Side Bar…some of the people closet to you may not like the changes. Just be patient. If they start to exclude you, just keep praying for you.

Super easy ways to invite someone to Thrive:

  • Put a Thrive decal on your car
  • Put a Thrive Yard Sign in your front yard
  • Wear a Thrive T Shirt to the store or work
  • Wear a Thrive Sweatshirt to your kids game
  • Check in at Thrive on Sunday mornings on Facebook
  • Retweet posts from about Thrive
  • Send messages to your friends on Friday about Thrive and invite them
  • Shoot a text message to a friend on Sat and ask what they’re doing tomorrow. Invite them to Thrive and tell them you’ll take them out for breakfast
  • Have Thrive cards with you all the time and leave them places. Hang them on bulletin boards and give them to friends, family and co-workers
  • Share the www.thrivechurchmi.cc website on Facebook or in an email with your friends
  • Send a Thrive message for someone to listen too
  • Offer to help rake someone’s yard and wear your Thrive T-Shirt

It’s Friday. You have plenty of time to invite someone to one of the experiences at Thrive this Sunday.

Don’t forget, they’re at 9 & 1015 am at Celebration Cinema. See you there!

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