Why TWO? To help more people find and follow Jesus










Thrive Church takes a giant leap of faith today!

We launch TWO! 

What’s TWO you ask? We’re now going to two Sunday morning experiences. One at 900am and the other at 1015am.

Why are we doing this?

We’re doing this because we’ve maxed out our space at just one Sunday morning experience. Theater ONE has filled up more and more and Thrive Kidz is busting at the seams, so we made the decision to add another experience.

Why is this a giant leap of faith?

Any time you change something, you face resistance. Any time you dream big, you face resistance. Any time you want to do whatever you can to increase the kingdom, you face resistance.

So, adding TWO means we need additional volunteers to step up and serve. We need additional givers to give financially. And, we have less time to set up on Sunday’s now.

Yes, big step of faith! 

But, if God is for us, who can be against us…that matters!

I love that as a church we are ridiculously focused on helping people find and follow Jesus!

That’s why we’re launching TWO.

See you this morning, at either 9 or 1015am. OR…845 or 10am. Thanks for being early!!


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