TWO is coming to Thrive this Sunday










What are you doing this Sunday? 

I hope you can join us for the launch of TWO at Thrive Church.

Last Sunday was an amazing day at Thrive, this Sunday will be even better!

Why? Because we have now made more room for more people! We maxed out the theater last Sunday! This Sunday, we will have plenty of room!

What is TWO? 

It is our first Sunday with two Sunday morning experiences.

9ooam 1015 am

So, join us! Bring a friend! Invite a family member! Tell people on Facebook, on twitter. Put a yard sign up in your yard.

And, we kick off a brand new series called ‘Things I wish Jesus Never Said’. Yeah, it’s going to be a doozie!

We start this Sunday with a  look at Matthew 6:25-34 with the words…

‘do not worry’.

things i wish



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