Thrive’s ONE Year Celebration…Our Best Day Yet as a Church

There is no better word to describe how I feel about Thrive’s ONE year celebration this past Sunday.

Just simply overwhelmed! 

Actually, most of Saturday, I fought back tears. All day long memories of the past year would flood into my mind and my tear ducts were working overtime to stop them from opening up!

This past year has been…hard.  AND…This past year has been…amazing.

This past year has been…painfully hard. AND…This past year has been…ridiculously rewarding.

This past year has been…excruciatingly hard. AND…This past year has been…so powerfully overwhelming.

I am just so thankful for God’s faithfulness, His provision, His hand, His favor, His direction, His guidance and His mercy and grace!

Our Best Day as a Church

We’ve had a lot of amazing days, but this past Sunday, was by far, our best as a Church!

The amount of volunteers that came together and worked so incredibly hard, was inspiring.

The amount of Thrivers who invited, prayed, and then reached out to friends and family was just amazing.

Here are some of my favorite moments…

The Friday before. We hosted an online Facebook flash mob and it was AWESOME! Our engagement and total reach on Facebook has been out of control because of it. Actually, it’s been up 383% over the previous week! Crazy!

The Saturday before. I was at Tim Horton’s and I felt prompted by God to go and pray at the movie theater we rent for our Church. So, it was 930am. No one was there. I sat in my car and started to pray. God said to get out and walk around the building. So, I walked and prayed. I walked around that building 7 times! I begged God for His favor. I asked Him to bring people who didn’t know Him. I asked for His favor on our Church and I prayed individually for every Thriver. It was a special time with God.

Rolling out the red carpet. Since we meet in a movie theater, we tried to add some extras to the theater to make it feel like a movie premiere. We had students from our youth ministry, ONE YOUTH, pass out popcorn. We rolled out a red carpet that lead to a picture wall where families could get their pictures taken. We made a giant Instagram sign and people posed in it, it was a blast!

Having Pastor Travis Hall Pray for our Leaders. I asked my friend and local Pastor, Travis Hall from Faith Community Church to pop over during our volunteer huddle and encourage and pray for our leaders. It was AMAZING!! Such a great moment.

Praying with our leaders before our Sunday experience started! This one was special! Why? Because it was out last all volunteer huddle! Prayer Circle ONE 2Next Sunday we launch TWO Sunday morning experiences and there just isn’t time for a large huddle. What made it special? I can remember Sunday’s where the huddle was smaller, where we had new leaders and when the energy was off the charts. It’s just always so powerful to gather together and pray!

Matt, our worship pastor, kicked our experience off with a Lenny Kravitz cover. It rocked and it rocked hard! So awesome. Then, he lead us through an amazing worship set!

Colette and Jesse! Need I say more? They are rock stars up front and they did an amazing job of leading us!

Thrive Kidz worship. Thrive Kidz packed out an entire theater and it was amazing.

Congrats Video. Many leaders and pastors sent us personal videos to say congrats on ONE year. Thanks to the Stadia team and Thrive’s management team for sending over those videos. Check it out HERE

Side note. Even Perry Noble from Newspring Church sent us a congrats video! That’s just awesome!

ONE year highlight video. Of course this was a favorite moment! It was so awesome to look back and see how incredibly faithful God has been to our church! Check it out HERE. 

Honoring Brian Kreider. I wanted to honor everybody! I mean, there are so many people who do so much and give so much, I wish I could have honored them all. But, Brian is special. If you want to get a glimpse of what Jesus is like, just spend some time around Brian. What Brian gives week in and week out to Thrive Church is amazing! It was a blast bringing him up and honoring him!

Our largest Sunday Yet! So incredibly humbling that we had more people attend our ONE year celebration than attended Easter! So awesome!

4 People trusted in Jesus as their Savior! This is the most important and most awesome part of the day!

4 Surrendered lives!!!

The VIP Party. We have an amazing events that planned and prepared for a giant party afterwards. We had inflatables, a birthday cake, 200 homemade cupcakes, food and so much more!

If you want to see what the day looked like, check out the Facebook photo album HERE.

ONE was amazing, but TWO will be even better!

This Sunday we launch TWO! We have will now have two Sunday morning experiences. One at 900am and one at 1015am.

I hope you can make it and be a part.

more people matter to God

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