3 Ways to Engage with Thrive Church

Honestly, these next couple of months for Thrive Church might be our most important.3_Ways_Logo

Yeah, that’s not an understatement! Why are they important? Because we’re on a mission to…

Help people Find and Follow Jesus. 

We are locked in and we know how important kingdom work is and we are passionate about helping people become fully devoted followers of Jesus.

So, on the eve of a HUGE day in the history of Thrive Church, I wanted to give you some ways to engage with Thrive Church

3 Ways to Engage

1. Share Thrive’s Facebook post and image about this Sunday on your Facebook page. For those of you who already have, Thanks!

2. Read Mt 19:26 and then read it again. 

26 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Here’s the thing…do we really believe this? Do we believe this for our lives? Our family? Our church family?

“All things are possible”

I know we can take God at His word and so lets believe that He can accomplish the impossible!! For instance, let’s believe for people to trust in Jesus on Sunday at Thrive! Let’s believe for relationships to be healed! Let’s believe for such an outpouring that our 1 year old church plant would rock Central MI with how much we live Jesus!!!

3. Check out the new Thrive Website. 

In the midst of all the awesomeness of this week, we also had another very cool thing LAUNCH today…our new WEBSITE!!!!

NO JOKE!! Head to www.thrivechurchmi.cc and check it out! We will be adding information for a little awhile, but it’s up and running!

Two things about the site:

1. If you click on the HUB on the right side, that will take you to our church database. If you haven’t made a login yet, do it. It’s simple. Need help, let us know.

2. All the messages are on the right of the main page. It will be much easier to get to them!

Can’t wait to see you on Sunday!!! God is going to do amazing things and our only answer will be…’ONLY GOD”!

You’re loved and I’m praying for you!!


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