What to expect when you check out Thrive Church

Every single week, I talk with people who ask me what Thrive Church is like. They ask me what they will experience and they ask what should they expect.

I’ve found that there is a cycle for people thinking about checking out Thrive Church.thrive))church-no-perfect-allowed

The cycle kind of goes like this:

1. God starts moving in their heart

2. A friend or family member posts            something about Jesus or Thrive Church on Facebook and they see it

3. At some point during the week, someone says something about church and it triggers what they just heard and had been feeling

4. Someone passes along a video message from Thrive and asks them to watch or listen to it

5. Its not what they expected

6. They’re now open to an invite or an ask to come to Thrive

7. God continues to move and they sense that have something missing in their life

8. They finally check out Thrive

9. It’s so not what they expected and they so weren’t ready for some of the emotions that are hitting them

10. God smiles

Ok, maybe thats a little longer than the average cycle, but you get the idea. God always seems to have a plan that’s working behind the scenes to get people moving towards Him.

So, if you’ve been thinking about checking out Thrive Church, here’s what to Expect.

Expect This…

1. Our goal is that you will be crazy welcomed, accepted and loved! That means people are going to say hi and ask if you need any help finding your way around.

2. There is going to be music everywhere! There is music in the parking lot, lobby, and everywhere!

3. It may or may not smell like popcorn! That’s because we meet in a move theater!

4. You will hear about Jesus. Actually, our goal is that you will leave wanting to find and follow Him. 

5. The music will rock! During the Sunday morning experience, we have a great band! You will recognize some of the songs and some you won’t. That’s ok.

6. People will cheer, clap and sing…LOUD! You can join in or hold back, whatever is best for you!

7. You will see a lot of videos. We do meet in a movie theater, so we take advantage of the big screen!

8. Your kids will love it! Our kids rooms are super fun and Thrive Kidz just rocks!!

9. Somebody will pray for you if you would like them too. We are a praying church and believe in the power of prayer. Just let someone know whose wearing a landyard?

10. You will be challenged to fully surrender your heart to Jesus. Just want you to know up front, that’s what we’re all about!

Ok, I hope you will join us on Sunday! Be there at 9:30am at Celebration Cinema!

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