7 Reasons to Check Out Thrive Church this Sunday

Every single week, I talk to people who are searching for a church home.

Some know it and some don’t.

My conversations range from…“I just wish I thrive))church-no-perfect-allowedcould find the right church” to “I’m done with church and I’m not trying that again”. 

Regardless if you think you need a church or not, here are 7 Reasons I think you should check out my church, Thrive Church.

7 Reasons…

1. You’ve been searching for a church.

Easy. The reality is, many people are searching for a church. They may already realize that or honestly, they may not yet, and that’s ok. But, if you’ve been searching for a church home, a church family that will love you and a Church that is passionate about Jesus, check out Thrive.

2. You’ve heard about Thrive and have been thinking about checking it out.

I was getting my haircut yesterday and the stylist asked me what I do for a living. Well, I told her and she asked what church. I said…Thrive Church.

‘OHHHH. I’ve heard of that place!’

She went on to tell me that she a few friends who have posted about it on Facebook and who have asked them!

3. You’ve been wanting to get yourself or your family back to church.

You have no idea where this thought came from, but you can’t shake it! So, do something about it!

4. You’ve been searching for a church filled with lots of kids.

The truth and reality is, not many churches have a ton of young kids! That’s a huge bummer! But, at Thrive, there are kids everywhere! It’s one of the primary reasons we’ve decided to launch our 2nd Sunday morning experience.

5. You’ve felt for a long time that there was something was missing in your life.

I talk with people all the time that say things like…”I just like something is missing”. Well, that could be a giant void in your life that only Jesus could fill.

6.  You will understand what’s going on. 

Maybe in your childhood you attended a church where you never knew what was going on. You did not understand what they were talking about or what they were doing. Well, at Thrive, I think you will. We’re super simple, super casual and a lot of fun.

7. The Music Rocks! 

Yes, every single Sunday we have a great band at Thrive! It rocks! Some weeks it’s more acoustic an some weeks its more rock, but it is always awesome. So, if you like a great band or you love to worship, you will love the music at Thrive.

More Reasons? Sure, why not! 

8. It’s short. 

Our experience is an hour long. Yeah, you’ll love it!

9. Thrive Kidz is awesome! 

If you have kids, they will love our kids environments!

10. It’s ridiculously welcoming and accepting! 

You may even be annoyed, but we want people to know we want them at Thrive!

I hope you can make it this Sunday! See you at 9:30am at Celebration Cinema!

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