Why I am ridiculously EXCITED for Sunday!! A hint…it’s baptism Sunday at Thrive!

You know, here’s the honest truth…

I am really and truly excited about each and every Sunday at Thrive Church

I really am. That doesn’t mean every Sunday I jump out of bed at mach 9 and ready to attack the day! But, most Sunday’s I wake up with the Christmas morning feeling.

I love Sunday’s. I love the potential impact they have. I love the rest they offer. I love being able to gather with my church family. I love how much my family loves our church.

I love seeing families serve together. I love seeing how many people come together to serve. I love hearing our church worship. I love it!


This Sunday will be extra special. Why?

Well, first of all, we finish a great series…‘Things I wish Jesus Never Said’. I have loved this series. It has been challenging and definitely the kind of series that makes you uncomfortable. I love those kind!

Our faith should never get comfortable!

Then, our church heads over to the campus of CMU (at the Rose Pool) for our baptisms and a family swim.

I can’t wait! 

It is so ridiculously exciting to be a part of baptisms. That moment when people decide to publicly declare that they have made a commitment to follow Jesus! Yeah, that’s just awesome!

So, don’t miss it! After church, help tear down or go grab lunch with your family and then over to the Rose pool. Be in the pool area by 1230pm. We will get started right away.

And, do me a favor.


Yes, do all those things for the folks getting baptized! And do them loud!

Then, jump in the pool! Relax. Have fun! Hang out with other Thrivers as the kids swim!

See you on Sunday!



Are you looking for a Church, but don’t like Church?

Ok, maybe that title grabbed you a little. But, for some reason, it resonates with you. IMG_2484

‘Yes, I am looking for a church, but honestly, I just don’t like church’. 

Lately, you have wanted to find a church. But then, after that thought sinks in, you think you’re crazy.

Maybe you grew up in a church you didn’t understand. Maybe your family dragged you on Christmas and Easter. Maybe you think all Christians are hypocrites. Maybe you think all Churches are the same. Maybe you think people who go to church are perfect. Maybe you think you could never find a church that you could understand.

Or, you are…

  • Skeptical about God?
  • Curious about Jesus?
  • Desperately searching for hope.
  • Needing peace.
  • Looking for a place to belong?
  • Searching for a church where you can laugh.
  • Need to be around people who will care for you.
  • Want to get your kids in a church that they will be excited about.

Check out Thrive Church this morning at either 9 or 1015am at Celebration Cinemas!

We’re not perfect and don’t have everything figured out, but there are no perfect people allowed at Thrive. thrive))church-no-perfect-allowed

And, just come to church. Doesn’t matter what you wear (most everybody is in jeans and comfortable clothes).

We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes early.

Grab some coffee, check the kids into Thrive Kidz and then head to theater one!

See you soon!

An early morning prayer walk

This last month, I started a new habit…prayer walk

Taking an early morning prayer walk around the building that my church meets in.

I have done this in my neighborhood for years and I have spent tons of time walking around other buildings and other neighborhoods.

But, it wasn’t until recently that I started doing a prayer walk around the movie theater that Thrive Church gathers in weekly.

I’ll post more about the ‘why’ I take prayer walks later in the week, but selfishly…I love the time I spend on these prayer walks!

It’s so refreshing, it’s so powerful, it’s so calming and it’s just an amazing time.

Here’s what I prayed for today:

-Gods blessings and favor on our church

-Lost people would find Jesus and broken people will be healed

-The found would be challenged to take big steps of faith

-That God would use our time in this building to challenge and encourage us to go BE the church

-Thrives kids and youth to be poured into and released to help lead our church

-Thrives future kids and youth directors and for the funds to be raised for those positions

-Thrives future college ministry leader and for favor with students at CMU

-Our staff team and for God to increase our giving so we can increase their pay

-For Gods hand and favor for our outside fundraising efforts

-Spouses of Thrivers who aren’t followers of Jesus

-For continued growth (spiritual, numerical, financial)

-That we would outgrow this building

-We would always be focused and passionate about helping the next person find and follow Jesus

3 Ways to Engage with Thrive this Sunday

It’s Friday night! That means that Sunday is almost here and I LOVE THAT! 3_Ways_Logo

I truly can’t wait for Sundays and this Sunday is no different.

I know I say this a lot, but it’s a HUGE day for our Church!

Why? Because one of the Pastors that are responsible for helping us launch and get off the ground will be at Thrive Church. His name is Steve Andrews and he is one of the most amazing, humble and godly men I have ever met!

I am seriously so giddy! So excited! So honored! I know you will love him and be blessed.

Be at Thrive this Sunday.

So, of all the Sunday’s to miss…don’t make it this one 🙂

And, if you think about it. Say hi to Steve! Thank him for his help!

He started Kensington with a handful of people twenty some years ago and it is an amazing church that has helped start an amazing amount of churches! They are so giving and share with so many churches! They are truly a church I admire greatly and look too for wisdom and guidance!

Plus Thrive Kidz is going to rock and yes, the band will rock this Sunday!

Leader Community Lunch.

It’s not too late to make it to the leader community lunch this Sunday from 12-130pm. If you volunteer in any way around Thrive, you are invited. Please RSVP right now to info@thrivechurchmi.cc. It’s at 1970 Ashland, Mt Pleasant, MI.

Steve will be with us and will encourage us. Plus, I have some exciting news to share with you about our second year as a church.

Baptism and Family Swim.

Next Sunday, November 2nd (which is also Daylight Savings) is our next all church baptism. If you haven’t been baptized, I highly recommend you take this step to go public with your faith. If you want information about baptism, just email me at jason.raitz@thrivechurchmi.cc.

Ok, can’t wait to see you on Sunday.

Please get to Thrive 15 minutes early and be in theater one 5 minutes early. Thanks!

See you on Sunday!

Zach’s 4 Reasons to come to Thrive on Sunday

My 10 year old son loves our Church. Which, I love that he loves our church. IMG_2611

Typically, he’ll bring up ideas to make Thrive better when we’re driving or playing catch.

And, I love that! I love that he wants to help keep improving our church!

And, he just loves to be a part. 

He’s in the 5th grade and asks all the time if he can come to One Youth stuff (our student ministry for 6th-12th graders).

He asks all the time for Club45 T-Shirts and Sweatshirts (our 4th & 5th grade ministry). He also wants a Thrive flat bill hat!

He never fights going to church 

He loves the band, he loves Thrive Kidz, he loves helping set up and he loves being one of our Hosts on stage during our experience.

I asked him this morning what are some reasons people should check out Thrive Church.

So, here are Zach’s 4 reason’s you should check out Thrive! 

1. You meet new people.

According to Zach, Thrive is the friendliest church ever and you will meet new and really cool people. He said to get ready!

2. You can learn about Jesus. 

Since Thrive is all about helping people find and follow Jesus, Zach says you can learn how to trust in Jesus and give your life to Him.

3. You can ask questions about God and what you don’t understand. 

(Which by the way…we welcome questions and doubts about God at Thrive!)

4. You won’t fall asleep because Church is so FUN! 

Zach says you’ll love the band, the videos, the message and coming to a church in movie theater.

Ok, there it is…4 reasons you should check out Thrive Church according to Zach!

See you on Sunday at Celebration Cinema at 9 or 1015am.

I recommend you getting there 15 minutes early!