Hey Thrive Church…3 Musts for Sunday


Tomorrow is Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t wait! 

And, I’m not alone. Last Sunday I had the honor of officiating a wedding for an amazing couple and just a few days ago, this is what the new bride posted on Facebook…

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 7.21.46 AM



Ok, that’s just exciting!! This is a definitely a can’t miss Sunday at Thrive and honestly a can’t miss couple of months. That being said, here are…

3 Musts for Sunday

1. Pray like you’ve never Prayed before. 

Yes, I’m asking every Thriver to spend time with Jesus everyday. Not only will it draw you closer to the heart of God, it will bring our community at Thrive closer.

So, as you pray, pray for…God’s blessing on our church, God to open up hearts of people far from him, God to protect our church and God to bring hope and healing to our relationships.

2. Invite–Call–Email–Facebook–Do whatever it takes to bring someone to Thrive tomorrow. 

Not only do we start a great new series, but we have a GREAT band in this Sunday called…Alive City!

Spend a minute praying and ask God to bring someone to your heart. Once He does, shoot them a message or a text or a call or go knock on their doors.

Who knows. tomorrow could be the day they take their next step closer to Jesus.

3. Write down these dates!!

There are a bunch of SUPER important and fantastically awesome dates you have to get on your calendar. Here they are:

September 20…Start Class. 9-11am. RSVP by emailing info@thrivechurchmi.cc

September 21…Baby Dedication at Thrive

September 28…After Party. RSVP by emailing info@thrivechurchmi.cc

October 5th…Thrive’s 1 Year Anniversary!!!! A can’t miss Sunday! We will have also have a HUGE party afterwards with inflatables for the kids and some great food!

October 12th…The Launch of 2 Sunday morning Experiences!!! Please be thinking now about which experience you will make your home!!

Sunday is Tomorrow! 

I can’t wait. I hope to see you at Celebration Cinema by 9:45am!!!!

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