‘Welcome to Sunday’

One of my favorite moments on Sunday is when I hear these words…IMG_3129

‘Welcome to Sunday’

They’re spoken to me every Sunday by Thriver David Martin Stevens and I just LOVE that moment!!

David’s been doing it since the beginning of Thrive, but it wasn’t until our Church was 2-3 months old that I noticed what he was doing.

I just love it!

I already look forward to Sunday’s in a BIG Way and this is one of reasons I do.

Why do I love it? Great question!

I love it because it comes from an amazing heart! David is a prayer warrior and I know he’s been on his knees praying for God to move at Thrive and in peoples hearts.

I love it because of the smile David has when he says it. He means it! He loves Sunday’s! He knows the possibility for life change and he’s excited about that!

I love it because he says it to everybody! Sunday mornings are a blur when you’re a portable church. We’re in, we’re unloading, we’re setting up, we tear down, we load and we leave. It’s something great that can bring smiles, hope and a reminder to why we do what we do.

I love it because it reminds me that it’s not about us. Our Church is not about us. It’s not about what we like, or prefer. We’re focused on people who are far from Jesus and it’s a great reminder to remember that.

So, would you join us this Sunday? Would you welcome Sunday with us? 

Can’t wait to see you at Celebration Cinema at 10am!

Hopefully you’ll hear David say…

Welcome to Sunday! 

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